Bullets Don’t Argue (1964)

bullets don't argue 1964

Very weak spaghetti western with Rod Cameron as sheriff Pat Garrett chasing two brothers into Mexico to bring ’em back for justice. The opening song by Peter Tevis should have been placed on boot hill.

Billy, also known as Lonesome Billy and his brother George live in a cantina in a small Mexican town. George wants to be just like his tough guy brother. They’re both from River Town and George talks Billy into going back across the border to rob the bank. There’s thirty grand just for the taking. The town will be in church attending the wedding of Pat Garrett.

The brothers ride in with masks on and run into two bankers. During the course of the robbery George’s mask slips off. Billy orders him to kill the two with his knife since the shots will be heard. George can’t do it so Billy opens fire.

Despite it being his wedding day Pat is sick and tired of outlaws escaping into Mexico and he wants to go nab ’em. His deputies refuse to cross the border so he’s on his own. At least he has an understanding bride.

Somebody is pumping bullets at him. Pat sneaks up on the gunman. It’s young Mike Goddard. He gets all impressed when Pat tells him who he is. His blonde sister Agnes is also impressed. They give him a lift to outside of town. Pat goes into the town and grabs George and makes him tell where Billy is. He’s upstairs in the cantina with a woman. Just outside the door George yells a warning. Billy fires and hits George in the shoulder. The woman runs out and tells the cantina owner to get the police.

Pat has some tricks up his sleeve and manages to get the brothers out of there all nice and tied up. Now they have to cross the desert in a section known as Devil’s Valley. They go to a man who extorts two grand from Pat for horses, food and water. When the three leave he can’t wait to tell gang leader Santero about the money. He’ll even tell him where the three went….for ten percent.

Out in the desert Pat has his hands full. He takes the bullet out of George’s shoulder. Billy tricks him into giving him his canteen for a drink and then pours it all out. That’s enough for Pat. He and Billy duke it out. They don’t know they’re being watched by Santero and his boys. Ol’ wily Pat has another trick up his sleeve and even though Billy gets the drop on him it doesn’t go his way.

After a night’s rest George wakes up with a rattlesnake in his blanket. Pat to the rescue. That gives Billy a chance to grab the money bag and ride off. Santero spots him and the chase is on. Billy ends up with a knife in the back. Santero ends up with a bag full of pebbles. Wily Pat strikes again.

He and George get to a ghost town and George is delirious. Some of Santero’s boys show up with guns blazing. They have to be the worst shots in the west and Pat and George get away. They end up at Agnes’s ranch and the movie comes to a screeching halt.

When the action finally gets going again the sky is full of fire and lead. There are some “Are you kidding me?” moments. With all the spaghetti westerns out there you can well afford to give this one a miss.


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