Thru Traffic (Speed Demons) (1935)

Marguerite Churchill-Paul Kelly

Marguerite Churchill-Paul Kelly

Not to be confused with 1933’s “Speed Demons.” This may be the earliest example of product placement. Perfect Circle Piston Company financed the production and there are numerous plugs for their piston rings.

Dan Holden (Russell Hardie) and Martin Gray (Paul Kelly) are friendly rivals on the auto racing circuit. Newspaper reporter Pat Corey (Marguerite Churchill) writes up their exploits and always roots for Dan. One day they crash and end up in the same hospital room. Pat comes to visit and everyone in the audience but not the guys can sense a triangle coming on. Their track careers over they decide to become partners in a repair garage.

They’re doing okay. The city Treasurer is getting his car fixed but balks at the fourteen dollar repair bill. Then Marty gives him the pitch about Perfect Circle Piston Rings and everything is fine. The boys are invited to a big bash tossed by the Mayor at the Blue Moon Cafe.

Dan is invited to join some heavy hitters and talk about repair work for the city. They did a good job for a neighboring town’s fire engine so they may get more work sent their way. Meanwhile Pat calls Marty outside and they get in her car. She tells him she digs him and Dan is just a pal…even if Dan doesn’t think so. Marty’s not going against his partner and Pat storms off.

The next day at the garage Dan tells Marty about the potential work for the city. Two officials, Logan and Hart stop by. Smiling Dan asks if they saw Pat’s article about how corruption has returned to city hall. Of course they have nothing to do with it as they try and talk Marty into using cheap parts. Dan doesn’t see anything wrong. Marty gives another plug for Perfect Circle.

There’s a meeting scheduled at the Blue Moon with Tim Calloway and his boys and the new group in city hall. He’s the man behind the scenes and Pat is going to cover the meeting whether they like it or not. Logan comes up with a master plan. It works perfectly. Dan’s a sap, Pat’s a fighter and Marty may be a goner. Hang in for the big finish. Perfect Circle Piston Rings save the day.

There’s a good opener with an auto race but things slow down to a standard good guys and bad guys. Not a bad time passer. By the way, Pat fills her car with gas…ninety-eight cents is all it takes.This movie does have a seal of approval.

speed demons (thru traffic) 1935 pa censor okay

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