Interpol Calling (1959-60)

interpol calling

Good show that should have lasted longer than one season. It follows the crime busting efforts of Inspector Duval (Charles Korvin) of the International Police. If you like police procedurals then look this one up.

January 11,1960 episode: “Mr.George” – Mr.George (Guy Rolfe) is an arsonist. After destroying a warehouse in Hamburg he gets to a pay phone and tells his girlfriend Carol (Susan Travers) that he’s had a successful night. His object is to extort money from a London insurance company.

Duval goes to London and meets Inspector Mornay of Scotland Yard at the insurance company. They got another note. This one demands 280-thousand American dollars or else another warehouse will be destroyed. Carol is nervous but George says they have nothing to worry about. No one knows what he looks like.

The money is left in a suitcase on a park bench. Duval and Mornay have the area covered. A boy names Johnny rides up to the bench on his bike, grabs the suitcase and takes off. The cops follow but Johnny rides into an alley too narrow for cars. He hands off the suitcase to a disguised George.

The cops nab Johnny. Her’s known as a minor troublemaker. He says he was messing about a car when a man told him about grabbing the suitcase. Of course Johnny was trying to steal the hubcaps. He tried to describe the man but he was too well covered with a hat and sun glasses. They let Johnny go.

George knows the serial numbers of the bills have been recorded and he’ll have to go to a country where Interpol doesn’t have an office. He and a nervous and impatient Carol go to Iceland. He wants her to open up accounts in various banks so they can exchange the money. He didn’t count on the International Bankers Association. The banks wouldn’t let Carol open any accounts. George knows that means he has to deal with the black market and the next stop is Tangier.

Duval also figured out where George would be headed and hooks up with the local police to set a trap. It’s a clever way to recognize George even though he’s never seen him.

Horror fans know Guy Rolfe as the title character in 1961’s “Mr.Sardonicus.” He also starred as The Emperor in the TV series “William Tell” (1988-89). In the 90’s he played Toulon in the video series “Puppet Master.”

interpol calling-charles corvin

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