Her Private Affair (1929)

her private affair 1929

Clunker about a blackmailing gigolo that gets his from one of his victims. Lots of stiff acting but that’s to be expected as the talkie era is being born.

In Vienna, Vera (Ann Harding) is married to Judge Richard Kessler. It’s a rocky marriage and at one point they went their separate ways. At the time she took a trip to Italy and got involved with gigolo Arnold Hartman and wrote him some mushy letters. He kept them and now he wants money. She and Richard are giving it another go so the timing couldn’t be worse. She asks Richard for money but doesn’t tell him what for and he doesn’t ask.

Since he’s busy working on a brief their lawyer friend Carl is taking her to the opera. She has to figure how to ditch him so she can get to Arnold’s place. Richard left the money at the office and said he’d get it to her tomorrow. Now she has to tell Arnold. At the opera she convinces Carl to go to their place and help Richard with the brief. She doesn’t know it but a friend of hers spots her in the box but can’t get her attention.

At Arnold’s place he busy mistreating his former orderly who is now his servant. That’s nothing new. His name is Ludwig Grimm and he’s getting tired of it. He’s also shell shocked and goes into rages. He gets a gun and points it at Arnold. That almost gets him fired. The gun drops and Grimm picks it up and puts it on the desk.

Stopping by is Dr.Edmund Ziegler. He’s the landlord. After some friendly conversation he reminds Arnold about the rent he owes. He’ll get it tomorrow…just like everyone else he’s in debt to. He received ten thousand dollars in bonds via the mail from a elderly rich woman he’s blackmailing but it’s not enough. He needs Vera’s payment.

Grimm takes Ziegler to the train station and Vera comes in after they leave. She tells Arnold she can’t get him the money until the next day. He taunts her with the letters. She picks up the gun. A struggle. It goes off and Arnold goes down. Vera makes it back to the opera before Carl returns. He says he has to investigate a murder.

Outside he gets a paper and the story is the headline. Vera is shook up by the time she gets home. She really gets a case of nerves when she discovers one of her gloves is missing. Carl drops by from the murder scene. He returns her glove. He says he found it outside her place.

The police arrest Grimm for the murder. Vera asks Carl to defend him. He does and Vera watches the trial. The verdict is in. She faints. She asks Richard for a divorce. Time goes by and some friends see her on New Year’s Eve and drag her out to have some fun. What she gets are some unpleasant surprises.

The movie isn’t all that bad even though it’s predictable but it’s still interesting to see some early stars go through their paces and try and make that transition from silents to talkies.

Ann Harding’s career started in 1929 and went to 1965 when she appeared in an episode of “Ben Casey.” She played Edith Sommers in “Because Of The Needle,The Haystack Was Lost.”

Ann Harding

Ann Harding

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