Caltiki The Immortal Monster (1959)

caltiki-the immortal monster (1960)

So that’s what happened to the Mayans. Glad this movie cleared that up. Actually this isn’t nearly as bad as you would think. Fans of 1950’s SF/Horror should check it out. Of course the special effects draw some laughs as do some of the situations but that’s what makes this kind if movie fun.

Millionaire John Fielding leads a group to the Mexican countryside. With him is his babe of a wife Ellen. It’s an archeological expedition looking for Mayan goodies. Two archeologists, Nieto and Ulmer, go to explore a cave. Only Nieto comes back. He’s delirious and starts yelling about Caltiki. John and a team take off for the cave. They spot a statue of the Goddess Caltiki. They figure this must be a temple. Probably is because it has a sacred lake. The find Ulmer’s movie camera. They don’t see his dead  body.

Back at camp they magically develop the film. There’s Ulmer mugging for the camera. Now there’s Ulmer screaming at the camera and pumping bullets into something unseen. There’s trouble in paradise as Ellen badgers John about going home. Some second honeymoon this is, She storms out. Their pal Max thinks it’s his chance to make a move on Ellen. His girlfriend Linda isn’t happy. Then neither is Max as Ellen shoots him down and makes up with John.

The next day it’s back to the cave. One of the guys puts on some diving gear and jumps in the lake. He’s beside himself with joy as he tells John and company that he’s discovered a lot of treasure. John figures that’s where the Mayans ended up with all their gold and jewelry. The diver goes back for more. That’s when a blob decides he has to be dealt with. It’s his last dive.

The blob starts chasing John who jumps in a gasoline truck. He rams the blob and jumps out before it blows up. Max got a piece of the blob on his arm and is in the hospital back in Mexico City. John and Ellen are back in their big house along with Linda.

John takes the piece that was on Max’s arm to the lab. Scientists figure it’s at least twenty million years old. A Mayan inscription refers to Caltiki waiting for her groom from the sky. It just so happens a comet is approaching Earth. Say….that happened back in the seventh century. Could it be what the blushing blob is waiting for?

John sets it up with the lab to use their Beta Tron on the piece he has in his home lab. He recalls radiation in the cave so let’s see what happens when it’s bombarded with rays. The blob likes it. Better turn that thing off. Meanwhile back in the hospital Max is going nuts. Faithful Linda is getting an earful of how he wants revenge on Ellen for shooting him down. Later that night Max goes over the edge and kills a nurse and gets out of there.

Max is sneaking around John’s house. John gets a call. The blob is gigantic and has destroyed the Beta Tron. He tells them fire is the only thing that can destroy it. He’ll be right down. After he leaves Max pulls the phone line and goes inside. Linda hides him in the basement and brings him some sandwiches and coffee. He still has his sights set on Ellen.

Things really start to go crazy at the house as the piece of blob John left in a glass container divides and starts taking over. John is speeding back and runs a roadblock. The cops aren’t putting up with that and arrest him.

A lot is happening at once. The blob keeps growing, the army is getting together with a lot of flame throwers and John breaks out of whatever that is they’re holding him in.

One lesson to take away from this….Firing bullets into amoebas is useless.



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