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An Inspector Calls (1954)

Alastair Sim is in top form (he always is) as a police inspector looking into a girl’s suicide. He shows up at a rich family’s house while they’re just finishing dinner. It takes place in 1912. It’s based on a … Continue reading

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The Law And Mr.Jones (1960-62)

James Whitmore is lawyer Abraham Lincoln Jones who specializes in mostly white collar crime. Conlan Carter is his paralegal C.E.Carruthers and Janet De Gore is his secretary Marsha Spear. The show was cancelled after the first season but a flood … Continue reading

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Midnight Taxi (1937)

The good old stuff. It’s the Feds vs. the counterfeiters as one agent goes undercover as a taxi driver. A reporter is killed just before he can name Mr.Big in the counterfeiting racket. He’s run off the road by cab … Continue reading

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The Dark Descent-The Evolution Of Horror-David G.Hartwell-Editor (1987)

No need to review this essential collection after a look at the table of contents. This is a must have to any horror fan’s library or a way to make new fans. Thanks to the state of book stores I … Continue reading

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Short Cut To Hell (1957)

Lost gem directed by James Cagney. It’s based on “This Gun For Hire”(“A Gun For Sale”) by Graham Greene published in 1936. The screenplay is by W.R.Burnett, most famous for “Little Caesar.” The movie is a remake of the 1942 … Continue reading

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Swing Street-Original 1931-1939 Recordings-Maxine Sullivan

[2:52] 1. Loch Lomond [2:21] 2. I’m Coming Virginia [2:37] 3. Annie Laurie [2:58] 4. Betsy Blue Skies [2:42] 5. Mighty Like The Blues [2:36] 6. Woo-Woo [2:56] 7. Hot String Bean [2:49] 8. Jim Jam Stomp [3:18] 9. I’m … Continue reading

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Confessions Of An Opium Eater (1962)

If you’re looking for something different then search this one out. Vincent Price stars as Gilbert De Quincey a man caught up in the Tong wars in 1902 San Francisco.  The movie is loaded with action including narrow escapes, secret … Continue reading

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