Citizen James (1960-62)

citizen james

One of the funniest comics to come out of England, Sid James, stars as Sidney Balmoral James. He’s always broke but that doesn’t stop him from placing bets and trying to get rich quick. His long suffering fiancee Liz is played by Liz Fraser and his friend Bill is played by Bill Kerr.

December 8,1960 episode: “The Money” – Sid keeps losing bets with bookie Alfred . He owes Charlie, owner of Charlie’s Nosh Bar. After some fast talking Charlie gives in.

Sid and Bill head for Liz’s bar. She can’t leave so she asks Sid to take three hundred pounds to the bank for her. She should have known better. Sid and Bill go back to Charlie’s. Bill tells him he should have gone straight to the bank. Sid has a can’t miss horse. It’s has forty to one odds.

His ego won’t let Alfred get the best of him and he bets the whole thing. Everyone watches the race on TV. The horse wins….until an objection flag goes up. Alfred is three hundred pounds richer. Now Sid has to figure out what to tell Liz.

Bill goes to Sid’s place and sees him with a head bandage. It’s got blood on it. Actually it’s catsup that Bill smells immediately. Bill has an idea. He’ll hit Sid over the head for real so he can tell Liz he was mugged. After some resistance Bill finally hits Sid over the head.

Bill calls Liz and says he had bad news about the money. Before he can say anything she hangs up and charges over. She buys Sid’s story and calls the police. At the station Sid has to look at a lineup of twelve men. He picks out six who he says robbed him. Turns out they’re all cops. He’s in trouble now with everyone.

The show’s format was changed as the series continued. The first series was really the best. Almost everyone on the series worked together in “Hancock’s Half Hour” (1956-60).



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