The Man Who Wouldn’t Talk (1940)

the man who wouldn't talk 1940

Good B movie with Lloyd Nolan as a man who freely admits to murder but refuses to say anything about himself including his real name.  TV fans look fast for Stanley “The Old Ranger” Andrews from “Death Valley Days” as an army Colonel.

At a mining operation in Chile some magazines are delivered to the miners. One starts reading an article about how the company is being taken over. There’s a picture of the man who will oversee the operation and they’re optimistic. One man is shocked after seeing a picture of Frederick Keller (Onslow Stevens).

Back in the States there’s a going away gathering in Keller’s office. Keller gets a message that there’s someone to see him but he says he doesn’t have time and sends a note out to tell the man he can’t see him now. The man leaves. A bit later Keller’s body is discovered. An accountant who had sticky fingers in the past is arrested and charged. He pleads innocent and says Keller was a big help in keeping him out of prison. At his trial a man shows up and says he’s the guilty one.

The man looks at a calendar. It’s Monday. He says his name is Joe Monday (Lloyd Nolan). He refuses to give any other information. Letters pour in from people thinking he’s a long lost relative. One day in the Warden’s office Alice Stetson (Jean Rogers) walks in and talks with Monday. She thinks he’s her brother Frank who was listed as Missing In Action in France during World War One. Monday says he served with a Frank Stetson and tells her he died a hero.

Monday’s court appointed lawyer Steve Phillips (Richard Clarke) thinks that may be a hint to Monday’s real identity. Steve and Alice go to Washington,D.C. and look up the records of Frank’s company. There are only six veterans left. All but one lead pans out but not in the way they hoped.

The trial opens with testimony from an elevator operator (Mantan Moreland). Next up is Paul Gilli. He’s the surviving soldier. He testifies about events in the war. The solution comes out of left field but makes sense. This is one worth checking out.

Lloyd Nolan-Jean Rogers

Lloyd Nolan-Jean Rogers


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