Mantrap (Man In Hiding) (1953)

mantrap (man in hiding) 1953

Slow moving adaption of Elleston Trevor’s “Queen In Danger.” It was part of his Hugo Bishop series. Bishop is a London lawyer that likes to help people in trouble. His fiancee Vera Gorringe is his secretary.

Thelma Speight (Lois Maxwell) has changed her name and is working as an editor at a magazine. Her husband is serving time for murder. She left him and went to Italy where she met Victor Tasman (Bill Travers) and fell for him. She’s now using his last name. She has her admirers including her lusting married boss Maurice Jerrard and reporter Rex. One day Thelma’s secretary gets a call and is tricked into saying Thelma works there. It was probably her husband. He’s escaped from prison.

A friend of his doesn’t believe he killed a woman and asks Hugo Bishop (Paul Henreid) to look into the case. His friend on the police force , Inspector Frisnay, doesn’t seem to mind. Bishop slips a note under Thelma’s door saying if she needs help to call him. Now she’s panicking. Victor is out of town on a selling trip. Eventually she gets together with Bishop. Vera, Bishop’s fiancee/secretary (Kay Kendall) is also helping out.

Bishop goes to the scene of the murder and just as he thought he finds Speight. He has a sketch he made in prison and says he’ll turn himself in after he does what he broke out to do. Thelma thinks he’s out to kill her but Bishop thinks the man in the sketch is his target. The movie winds its dull way to a conclusion at a party.

James Bond fans will recognize Lois Maxwell. She played M’s secretary Miss Moneypenny.

Wildlife fans know Bill Travers from “Born Free” (1966).

Kay Kendall was married to Rex Harrison and appeared in many movies including the musical “Les Girls” (1957).

Lois "Miss Moneypenny" Maxwell searches for her gun

Lois “Miss Moneypenny” Maxwell searches for her gun

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