Adventures Of The Falcon (1954-55)

Charles McGraw as The Falcoln

Charles McGraw as The Falcon

Charles McGraw is Michael Waring aka/The Falcon. He’s working for the U.S.Government. The show has zero in common with the film series that starred brothers Tom Conway and George Sanders. McGraw is always fun to watch and this is no exception.

February 1955 episode: “Stevedore Kid” with Ted De Corsia and Stanley “Old Ranger” Adams – A gang led by Seven (Ted De Corsia) is taking over the area of the docks where the Lashi (Stanley Adams) shipping company is located. Two of Seven’s goons  start a fire to give Lashi a message.

Looking on is Steve Wojonowski. He’s a government agent and takes some pictures. The men don’t see him with the camera but then one of them on purpose knocks his lunch box down and spots the camera. Back at his room he listens through the wall to the men next door talking about how they set the fire. They’re also know about Steve’s camera and want the film. He tapes the film to the back of a drawer and substitutes another roll in his lunch box. He calls Mike in Washington and starts to report. He’s shot but manages to tell Mike about the film taped to the drawer.

Mike comes up and makes sure he rents the same room. He finds the film and now has proof about who set the fire. Sevene’s hot headed brother Joe barges in with his old family friend Billy. Mike calms him down.

The next day at the docks Mike gets a job after Seven explains the kickback situation. Joe is refused work by the foreman and they brawl with Joe the winner. Seven decides to make Joe foreman so he can keep an eye on him.

Seven and the ex foreman brace Billy about what he knows. He tells them. They kill him and dump the body in Mike’s room. Joe thinks Mike killed him until Mike shows him his badge. If Mike can keep him under control he just may put paid to Seven and his goons.

It’s a typical 1950’s black and white episode of just one of a plethora of half hour shows. Overall this is one of the better shows and worth looking up for anyone researching the TV shows of the era.



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