Arrest And Trial (1963-64)

arrest and trial

Ninety minute show where the first half covered a crime and arrest and the second half presented the trial.  The L.A. cops were Ben Gazzara as Sgt.Nick Anderson and Roger Perry as Sgt.Dan Kirby. The trial portion of the show featured Chuck Connors as defense attorney John Egan and John Larch was Deputy D.A. Jerry Miller. This was a good show and should have stuck around longer. The episode described below was an exception to the usual high quality.

January 5,1964 episode: “Funny Man With A Monkey” w/Mickey Rooney,Roland Winters and Bert Freed. – A doctor is called out to a motel. Later that night he’s found dead in his car. Sgt.Anderson along with Sgt.Kirby question the motel owner (Paul Birch). He said a couple named Mr. and Mrs.Johnson were registered to the room. He never saw them. He thinks his teenage daughter may have some information. She recognizes the voice of Mr.Johnson. Turns out he’s comedian Hoagy Blair (Mickey Rooney).

Sgt.Anderson goes to the club where Hoagy is appearing. Hoagy admits to being at the motel with a woman. He and his wife separated recently. He doesn’t give the name of the woman.

The investigation reveals that the doctor was robbed for the narcotics he had in his bag.  Sgt.Reggie Gregson (Bert Freed) rounds up a number of junkies. One of them, Harry Needles (Joe Mantell) reluctantly lets the cops know Hoagy is an addict.

Harry sets up a meet with Hoagy. Hoagy spots the cops at the site and takes off. He’s not hard to follow and he’s arrested. During withdrawal he confesses to accidentally killing the doctor. Hoagy’s father-in-law Charles Connaught (Roland Winters) hates Hoagy for what he put his daughter Linda (Merry Anders) through.

Now it’s the trial. This is really bogged down by discussions about the drug laws and the treatment of addicts. Charlie can’t wait to get on the stand and trash Hoagy. Harry also testifies about Hoagy’s addiction. Jerry keeps trying to get some sympathy for him.

Harry tips Jerry off about someone important to the case and where he can find that person. Jerry and his assistant Mitchell Harris (Don Galloway) go to the address and are more than surprised when they see who shows up.

The rest of the show drags on forever. At last it’s a realistic ending. Mickey Rooney is good despite this being one of the weakest episodes of the show’s run.

TV fans know Don Galloway as Det.Sgt.Ed Brown on “Ironside” (1967-75).

Roland Winters played Charlie Chan in six movies in the late 1940’s.

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