Payroll (I Promised To Pay) (1961)

payroll (i promised to pay) 1961

Excellent caper movie about an armored van robbery. This one is for the must see list. It’s been unjustly overlooked and should be brought back by some TV station so crime movie fans can see it. It has been released on DVD so there’s a chance to catch it.

The Kneale Company has a new security van to guard a payroll. It’s considered robbery proof. Johnny Mellors (Michael Craig) leads a gang out to knock it off. His inside man is Pierson. He’s the nervous type. He’s married to Jackie (Francoise Prevost) who is sick and tired of being poor. She’s also had it with Pearson’s promises. When he tells her to start planning a vacation she doesn’t believe him.

Pearson is supposed to get the plans for the new van and it’s route. It’ll be carrying a large payroll for its maiden run. Johnny is having trouble with gang member Blackie. He’s getting way too uptight.  Pearson stays late at work in order to copy the plans. He’s more nervous than ever and almost gets caught.

Now it’s the day of the robbery. Things aren’t going as planned as gang member Bert drives the wrong way. The plan is to have him block the road and Blackie will ram the van. Then the gang will break in and steal the money. Bert manages to straighten out his mistake to block the road and then the robbery is underway.

Things take a bad turn when Harry Parker is killed leaving a wife, Katie (Billie Whitelaw) and two kids. Bert gets shot and the gang takes him back to their hideout. Johnny refuses to call a doctor and another gang member, Monte hits the roof and says he doesn’t want any of Bert’s share. Bert dies and Johnny locks the hideout door and the three take off.

Jackie is out for revenge. She tells a cop friend that the gang will probably only get a few years and then be out on the street. Pearson’s wife starts having an affair with Johnny because she knows what he’s up to.  The pressure builds on Pearson and he’s cracking up. Katie says she’s sick of him and she takes off to find Johnny. Jackie has been sending Pearson anonymous notes telling him she knows all about the robbery and the affair Katie having.

Monte does something really stupid and that could be the gang’s downfall. There’s a lot of fast paced action to come and to go any further would be too much of a spoiler. If you’re looking for a great crime movie you’ve probably missed check out the DVD.

Michael Craig (Johnny)-Francoise Prevost (Jackie)

Michael Craig (Johnny)-Francoise Prevost (Jackie)

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It comes a fortuitous time as I seem to be watching a great many Michael Craig movies lately.

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