Juggernaut (The Demon Doctor) (1936)

juggernaut 1936

Melodrama with a capitol M with Boris Karloff as a doctor who must continue his experiments. Mona Goya gives a lesson in overacting as the French wife of an ill and elderly millionaire. Boris does what he can with the role while everyone else does a walk through.

Dr.Sartorius (Boris Karloff) is in Morocco when he finds out he’ll no longer be able to get grant money to continue. Thanks to a friend he ends up on the French Riviera and tries to continue his work into curing paralysis. He hires Eve Rowe (Joan Wyndham) to be his nurse. He’s a cold fish but she’s glad to have the job.

At the casino in town is Lady Yvonne Clifford (Mona Goya). She married to cotton millionaire Charles. They live in a mansion along with his sister Mary and their faithful butler. Yvonne is nuts about Captain Arthur Halliday. He never played a casino game he could win and he’s not much better at being a gigolo.

Yvonne hears about Sartorius and says she’ll give him the twenty thousand pounds he needs to continue his work if he’ll help send Charles to a better place. He turns his practice and the house over to a friend. He and Eve move into the Clifford mansion.

Complicating things is the return of Charles’s son Roger.  Charles confides in him that he’s given him power of attorney and made him Yvonne’s trustee under his new will. Everything is being turned over to him. Roger is smitten with Eve and takes her out dancing.  Later that night Yvonne sneaks back into the house with Arthur.  Roger and Eve come back and it’s not long before Roger catches the happy couple. He tells Arthur to get out and then tells Yvonne to never bring him back there.

Yvonne throws a fit and Roger finally tells her about her future. Now she’s really ballistic. She charges into Charles’s room and screams at him and grabs him around the neck. Roger come sin and pulls her off. Downstairs she still won’t shut up. Roger puts his hand over her mouth and that gets him bitten.

Sartorius checks on Charles and tells the night nurse to get him a syringe. After using it he hands it to Eve to take back to his office. Then he says to call the family in. Charles is history.  Sartorius asks Eve for the syringe back. She can’t remember where she put it. She was concerned about Roger and forgot she left it in a magazine he was reading.

Now it’s Sartorius’ turn to go crazy. He demands she find that syringe. He starts looking. An ill Roger asks Eve for the magazine he was reading last night. Now she finds the syringe but doesn’t tell Sartorius. She takes it into town to a chemist for analysis.

There’s some decent suspense to come and…more overacting. This would have been a lot better if the cast put more into it. Boris does what he can. Even his fans don’t list this as a favorite.

nurse Eve presents the doctor with the syringe

nurse Eve presents the doctor with the syringe

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1 Response to Juggernaut (The Demon Doctor) (1936)

  1. Donnalee says:

    What a potboiler–the writeup is better than the film is likely to be!

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