The Baby Game (1967-68)

the baby game

Singer Richard Hayes hosts the show claiming to look for the cutest baby in America. The prize is a fifteen thousand dollar college education. The show is overloaded with commercials and is one of the dumber ideas for a game show. They really reached on this one. The first game involved babies and then the kids get a bit older.

Typical episode: Two couples are the contestants, The Morrises, George and Caroline and The Waltons. Round one is Romper Race time. They have to guess who can cross the finish line first in a playpen. Three babies compete. Primateme Mist commercial and one for Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee with Joe E. Ross making a pizza are next.

Gloria and Lloyd Walton win. Now it’s a ring toss game. Before they guess it’s time for a commercial for Glory Rug Cleaner.

Now the game begins.  Both teams get some points. Another commercial. This one is for  Sarah Lee Frozen Banana Cake.

The prizes for the panel get gifts for being there. They get the Hoover Shoe Polisher, five pairs of Red Ball Shoes when the announcer Chet Gould blows the copy. Now it’s a kids eye view of the world.  The contestants have to write down what they were talking about. Time for a Whistle Cleaner commercial by Vanish Bathroom Bowl Cleaner.

One of the kids was talking about a hippie. Now it’s round four. It’s the baby game bakery. The kids are in charge of the three layer cake machine. How many of the kids will actually make three layer cakes? Two of them do it. Commercial for Whisk and Phase Three Soap.

Gloria and Lloyd win. They also get living room furniture, decorator clocks, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner and an assortment of after dinner mints. Their kids get the World Book Encyclopedia. The whole package is worth eight hundred bucks.

The competing babies are shown and Richard closes the show.

Hayes was also a talk show host in New York and then Philadelphia. In 1952 he recorded “Babalu” with Xavier Cugat. The song was closely associated with Desi Arnaz. Woody Allen used the Hayes version in “Radio Days.” Hays said he never got paid for it and tried repeatedly to get in touch with Woody during his weekly appearances at a New York Jazz club. He eventually gave up in frustration.


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  1. Donnalee says:

    This sounds strange but perhaps entertaining–you always come up with interesting, obscure-to-me media! Thanks.

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