Dr.Cyclops (1940)

dr.cyclops 1940

Fell asleep numerous times during this insomnia cure. Every time I woke up….nothing had changed. This is one of the worst ever and that’s probably why you should attempt to sit through it. There are some laughs because of horrible acting and prenatal dialogue. Fans of “Mary Hartman,Mary Hartman (1976-77) will spot Victor Kilian as Steve  Baker. On the show he was Mary’s grandfather Raymond Larkin.

The greatest living biologist anywhere is in the Amazon jungle. He’s Dr.Alexander Thorkel Albert Dekker). Of course you knew that from your high school biology class. The genius is losing his sight and can longer peek into his microscope. Help is on the way.

Dr.Rupert Bullfinch (who hasn’t heard of this genius?), Dr. Mary Robinson, Bill Stockton,a mineralogist and mule handler Steve Baker are all on the way to join him. The docs have traveled ten thousand miles to spend time with the great man. The docs check out Thorkel’s microscope slides. He’s ecstatic about what they’ve seen. He’s so happy he tells them that’s all he needs now is to hit the road. After all they’ve been there almost an hour. That order doesn’t go over well.

They’re not going anywhere until they find out what the world’s greatest biologist is up to.  Maybe it has something to do with the uranium deposit in his backyard. Yes it does. He can shrink anything.  Just ask his local man of all work Pedro. He can’t ride his pony anymore. He can put it in his hand if he feels like being wacky.

While the group is in the lab Thorkel breaks in and is so steamed he feels he has no choice but to shrink them all. There they go. Yes, that’s them way down there. Careful where you step.  They may be small but they’re not putting up with this crap. They escape. For the rest of the movie they all run around as Thorkel freaks trying to catch them.

Whenever I can’t sleep I have this standing by.

The great escape

The great escape


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One Response to Dr.Cyclops (1940)

  1. Donnalee says:

    The poster (done in wartime) looks like Benny Hill spoofing Hitler to me–thanks for the sleep aid!

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