Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (1961)

voyage to the bottom of the sea 1961

The master of disaster, Producer,Director,Writer Irwin Allen, tries to destroy the world. It’s up to the supersub Seaview to save us all. But first we all have to get past a horrible opening theme song warbled by Frankie Avalon.

Let’s join Admiral Nelson (Walter Pidgeon) and Captain Lee Crane (Robert Sterling) for a tour of the Seaview. Being shown around are Psychiatrist Dr.Susan Hiller (Joan Fontaine), Congressman Llewellwyn Parke (Howard McNear) and Vice Admiral B.J.Crawford (John Litel). The sub is touring the Arctic when all of a sudden the Van Allen Radiation Belt catches fire. It’s global warming on steroids. Why and how did this happen? Well…because it did.

Time for Nelson to hightail it back to New York to present his plan to fix everything. He’s working along with physicist Lucius Emery (Peter Lorre).  The big idea is to get to a point near the Mariana Islands and fire an atomic missile into the Belt. It’ll blow out the fire and we can all breath easier.

Uh-oh. The sub is being bombarded by pieces of icebergs. The sub surfaces and look over there. It’s Miguel Alvarez (Michael Ansars) and his dog. He’s been burned by the fire and sun and they take him aboard. He has to be there because his real life wife Barbara Eden plays Nelson’s secretary Lt.Cathy Connors. Also in the crew are Lt.Danny Romano (Frankie Avalon) and Dr.Jamieson (Regis Toomey).

At the UN, Dr.Zucco thinks Nelson’s plan is crazy and he does some table pounding and takes a voice vote. Nelson could care less. He’s going ahead with his plan. Back on board the sub it’s getting nasty. The crew is edgy and Nelson can’t reach the President for official permission to fire the missile in just sixteen days. The world continues to be destroyed as the water is drying up and the temperatures are off the charts.

Since the radio won’t work they’ll try to tap into an underwater phone cable. Crane, Romano and some other crew head out along with Alvarez. They finally spot the cable. A giant rubber octopus spots them. Alvarez saves Crane with a nice spear gun shot. Alvarez is a religious nut but Crane will overlook that for now.

Tensions are running high and then the generators go out. It’ll be a ten hour repair job. Even without SONAR and RADAR Nelson insists in going ahead. Now it’s the obligatory scene with Eden and Ansara just to get the married couple on camera together. He’s still carrying the dog who has nothing to say. The scene would have last longer if it wasn’t for that mine field they just sailed into.

That’s just the start of things starting to break down. There is some exciting stuff ahead and some silly stuff too. It’s a fun movie now when you look at what passed for high tech in 1961. Suspend all logic and you can have a good time.

Peter Lorre walks a shark while Joan Fontaine wonders if he's nuts

Peter Lorre walks a shark while Joan Fontaine wonders if he’s nuts


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