Dorothy (1979)


One of TV’s worst sitcoms that only lasted four episodes. It shouldn’t have lasted four minutes. Dorothy Loudon stars as a former showgirl who is now a teacher at an all girls school in Connecticut.

Final episode: August 29,1979 – “Give My Regrets To Broadway” – Dorothy Banks (Dorothy Loudon) is all excited about a field trip she’s taking some of the girls on. It’s to New York to see a play. She and French teacher Lorna Cathcart (Priscilla Morrill) and science teacher Jack Landis (Kip Gilman) are waiting for a meeting with head master Mr.Foley (Russell Nype).

Bad news. Foley cancels all their planned field trips. It’s all because of the trip Dorothy took her class on to the art museum. Student Frankie (Linda Manz) got bored and snuck out and started panhandling so she could get back to school. She got busted. She’s the only disadvantaged girl in the school and a foundation keeps her there by making contributions to the school.

Lorna and Jack blast Dorothy and walk out. Now she has to break the news to the girls. She’s goes to their room. One of them is under a pyramid she says can make someone peaceful and calm. When she tells them the trip is cancelled…so much for pyramid power. The girls get mad at Frankie and she response with “In your ear with a can of beer.” Yes, this show gets that lame and even worse.

Dorothy catches Frankie trying to tun away fro0m school. She explains or tries to about arguments with friends and sings “Keep Your Sunny Side Up.’ It doesn’t work but Frankie stays.

The next day she tries to clear the air with Lorna and Jack.  Foley overhears the three insulting him. This leads to an embarrassingly awful monologue from Loudon. Lucky for her a lot of people didn’t see it.

Dorothy Loudon got her big break when she replaced Carol Burnett on “The Gary Moore Show” in 1958 and went on to a great Broadway career.

Michele Green plays one of the students, Margo. She had a lot better luck as Abby Perkins on “L.A.Law” (1986-91).


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  1. Donnalee says:

    Huh, that doesn’t sound good. To me, the photo does look like a Golden Girls spinoff, like Rue McClanahan(spelling?) in action–

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