Homicide (1964-77)


Good Australian cop show based on real cases from the Victorian Homicide Squad.

Opening episode: October 20,1964 – “The Stunt” – A group of university students concoct a stunt where they’ll pretend to hold up a bank. One will have a gun that’s really a cap pistol. Another, Jamie Collier, waits outside as a lookout while the others go in.  Lindsay Murdock is elected to carry the pistol. He announces a holdup. He gets a smirk on his face and points the toy gun at the guard, John Healy. Healy thinks it’s for real and shoots and kills Lindsay.

The cops interrogate Healy and he sticks by his story that he thought the gun was real and that the smirk on Lindsay’s face meant he was going to use it. Healy’s son Ray was earlier hailed in for housebreaking and had several more charges against him since then. Healy has a grudge against teenagers and the cops think he may have killed Lindsay on purpose.

Detective Rex Frasier goes to see Prue Ellison who planned the whole thing. Lindsay was picked to be the gunman because she thought he was a good actor. With her is her fiancee, Jaimie. The two are holding something back about the guard. Frazier also suspects some jealousy from Jaimie aout Lindsay and Prue. That Sunday Jaimie, who is an arrogant jerk, is competing in a sports car rally. Frazier decided to check it out. Jaimie loses a tight competition and on purpose back his car into the winner. He says it was an accident.

Into the police station comes Ray Healy. He’s bruised up and says his father assaulted him because he accused him on knowing it was a toy gun and he wants to prefer assault charges against him. Detective Sgt.Frank Bronson is disgusted with him and goes to see Healy the next day. He’s home instead of at the bank. He called in sick with the flu but it’s really his high blood pressure. He tells Bronson he wishes it was Ray he killed.

Inspector Jack Connolly takes over at the coroners hearing and gets the real story.

The show moves slowly but it’s still a decent opener to this long running series.



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  1. Donnalee says:

    Sounds like potboiler heaven–

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