Dream House (1968-70)

dream house

A forty thousand dollar house is up for grabs in this quiz show where two couples compete by answering questions. Mike Darow is the emcee. Apparently many of the homes won on the show were never built.

An episode from 1968: Pam and Doyle challenge Susan and Jerry. The house will be built anywhere in the U.S. Mike starts the show by announcing that two contestants couldn’t be there today because they’re now the proud parents of a baby girl.  They will be brought back later on to continue their game

Pam and Doyle have chosen to play for the Kingsbury house. They’ll have it built in upstate New York.    Susan and Jerry have chosen to play for the same house. They want it built in Mountainside,New Jersey. They’ll start playing for seven rooms.

First is for the girls dream room. Pam gets question one,fingerprints. Jerry gets the second one which was how much is two bits worth. He knew it was a quarter. Susan pushes the button to answer the next question before Mike finishes reading it. She’s wrong. It’s not the name of a country. The answer is coup d’etat and Pam gets it.  Susan gets the next one. It’s Dorian Gray. Pam gets the next one by identifying a picture of Trafalgar Square. Now Jerry jumps the gun and says “The Beverly Hillbillies”. wrong. No one guesses “The Guns Of Will Sonnet.” Pam gets this one. A baptismal font. Doyle misses the next one about a Longfellow poem. Susan gets it right.

The two minute round where points are doubled. Pam jumps the gun and misses the first one.  Susan says iris and gets it. Jerry jumps the gun and misses the next one. No one gets John Kenneth Galbraith. Jerry is wrong when he says there are four officials on the field for a pro football game.  Doyle is right with six. Jerry gets the scrambled word.  Susan guesses Bingo and she’s right on the next question. Jerry says Gaelic is the other official language of Ireland after English. He’s right. Pam’s right on the next one when she says Mancini as the composer. Doyle is just in time by answering matches. The round is over and Susan and Jerry are leading 70-65. It’s the catch up round. Doyle and Pam have ten seconds and get it in eight. San Francisco is where the UN charter was drawn. Susan and Jerry are wrong and say Ulysses instead of Jason and the Argonauts. They win the girls bedroom.

Next challenger are Celie and Dick. They choose the Kingsbury Bourdot house. They want it built in San Diego. Up for grabs is the dream hobby room. They all miss the song “Stardust.” Dick guesses February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Next Celie gets Claire Booth Luce. Now Pam guess R & R means Rest and Recreation. They all miss Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil. They all lose the next one. Now Pam guesses the next line of a poem. Double point round. No one gets the last book of the Old Testament. Pam gets what Georgie Porgie does to the girls.  No one gets who Prince Valient marries. Dick guesses the height of Wilt Chamberlain. No one gets the math symbol for infinity.  Dick gets Fe as the symbol for iron. Pam gets the next answer. It’s bridge. Doyle guesses George Washington is on the Purple Heart Medal. Doyle and Pam lead 40-30.

Catch up round where they can bet up to fifty points to raise their score. Celie and Dick miss Byran White as the answer and Doyle and Pam win the hobby room. Celie and Dick get the consolation prize:a wardrobe of his and hers jewelry from Sarah Coventry.

Mike closes the show as Doyle mentions his hobbies. They’ll be back tomorrow.


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