The Professionals (1977-83)

Once you get used to the bordering on the obnoxious characters of Bodie and Doyle you’re in for a pretty good show. The characters play it oh so hip with so called witty lines before settling down to business. That part is really annoying. They work for the fictional British Agency CI5. Their boss is Gordon Cowley.

Opening episode December 30, 1977: “Private Madness,Public Danger” – Charles Nesbitt is a research chemist with a grudge against the World Chemical Company. He’s made a drug called ASX which is ten times stronger that LSD. Working at the company is Susan Fenton. She’s a heroin addict and Nesbitt uses a supplier named Eric Sutton to keep her fixed up. In exchange he gets the keys to a coffee machine from her. She doesn’t know why.

Nexbitt opens the machine and laces it with the drug. At a executive meeting one man walks in late. He looks strange. He’s high and ends up going out the window. Since he had a top security clearance CI5 is called in. Crowley (Gordon Jackson) assigns Bodie (Lewis Collins) and Doyle (Martin Shaw) to investigate.

A letter comes in from Nesbitt demanding that all manufacturing of biological weapons stop and stockpiles destroyed. Doyle and Bodie find Susan’s address. Before they get there Nesbitt tells Sutton to load a needle with enough pure heroin to kill her. When the agents get there she’s just about gone and they get her rushed to a hospital. In her delirium she mentions Sutton.

Bodie stays with her in the hospital while Doyle looks up undercover op Benny. Later Benny calls from outside a strip theater and tells Doyle that Sutton is due there to make a delivery. They nail him and take him to headquarters. Meanwhile Nesbitt goes into a pub. No one there except the barmaid and he orders a sandwich to get her out of the way. He injects his drug into the beer lines. He then sends a warning letter about what was about to happen there.

By the time Crowley arrives several customers stagger out on a large high and attempt to drive with the expected results. Nesbitt’s next move is to get to the reservoir on the chemical company grounds and put a device underwater loaded with ASX. He sets a timer in the bushes and all he has to do is fire a bullet into a target on a ski ramp that will set off the timer. The device will explode and the water will be spiked.

Crowley plays hardball and threatens Sutton with a needle loaded with heroin and at the hospital Susan is recovering. Crowley, Bodie and Doyle race to Nesbitt’s lab. A gun battle ensues where lots of shots are fired but everybody misses even though the weapons never run out of ammo. There’s a lot more action to come making this a good opening episode to a good series.

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