We’ve Got Your Number (Failed TV Pilot 1975)

we've got your number

Jack Barry hosts the show where a pair of dice are used by two players in their quest for twenty-five thousand dollars. Bill and Susan are up first. They play with numbers two through twelve. Next to them are boards with four spaces to fill. The numbers have to be numerical. They can place their winning number wherever they want in the four spaces provided. Two out of three games win the match and a trip to Europe and a chance to win a bonus game for twenty-five grand. Bill gets the first question and rolls the dice and gets a four.  He gets the next one. It’s eight. He can freeze and force a sudden death game. He goes on. Susan takes the next question and loses.  Bill tosses the dice and gets a six.  Now Bill freezes. In order for Susan to win she has to answer every question and roll the dice in numerical order. She loses and Bill is one up.

Game two: Susan gets the first one. She rolls. It’s an eight. She gets the next one. She throws. It’s a six. Susan goes on. Bill gets the answer and rolls.  He gets an eight. Bill gets this one and rolls ’em. He gets a nine. Bill continues but Susan gets the answer and Susan rolls a seven and Bill wins again and he’s of to Europe. Susan gets a color TV.

Now Bill gets a chance at the twenty-five grand. Everytime he throws the dice it’ll be double or nothing. He gets seven tosses. Sevens are wild. He chooses the number two. He gets a nine. Next toss is a six. He rolls again and gets a five. Now he rolls a ten for sixty-four hundred bucks. He rolls a twelve and now has 12-thousand-eight hundred.  He tries for it all. He rolls a four. He wins.

Bill hangs in for another game. His opponent is Cindy who loves sports.  Bill gets the first question and a six. Cindy gets the next answer. It’s the male sea horse that has the babies. She gets a nine. Cindy gets the next one and gets a six. Bill gets the next one and gets a seven. Bill gets the right answer again. He gets a five. Bill freezes. Cindy has to answer two questions.  She gets the first one and a nine and loses. Bill wins the game.

Next game: Bill gets the first one and gets a seven. Cindy gets the next answer and rolls a seven. Susan misses the next one. Bill rolls a nine. Cindy gets the next answer and gets a six. Susan gets the next one and rolls. She gets a four. Susan freezes. Bill misses the next one. It’s a tie.

Next game. Bill gets the first one and rolls a seven.  Susan answers the next one and rolls a six. Bill gets the next answer and rolls a six. Susan gets the wrong answer. Bill rolls a five. Now he has a 5,6,7. Susan answers the next one. She makes Bill roll. He gets a seven. Susan wins a boat. Cindy gets to roll tomorrow for twenty-five thousand dollars. There never was a tomorrow.

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