She Devil (1957)

she devil 1957

If you’re looking for some campy fun…here you go. You’ll learn that you shouldn’t experiment with fruit flies and that blondes really do have more fun.

Dr Dan Scott (Jack Kelly) is trying to prove all things can heal themselves. Looks like he’s on to something with his fruit fly serum. He’s already cured a dog of rabies and gotten a leopard to come back from severe lacerations. Its color change is just a side effect. He shares a house and lab with his mentor Dr. Richard Bach (Albert Dekker). All Scott needs now is a human to work on. There is a woman in Bach’s clinic with terminal TB. Hmmm..if she’d sign a release Scott could use his needle loaded with serum. She signs. In hours she’s cured.

Her name is Kyra Zelas (Mari Blanchard). She doesn’t have any friends or family so she’ll stay with them.’s okay. They have a housekeeper named Hannah. It doesn’t take long for Kyra to tell them she’s going to do what she wants when she wants. So there!

Kyra goes downtown and walks into a dress shop. She spots one she wants. Too bad she’s broke. She can’t help but notice a sugar daddy buying clothes for his babe. She goes up to him and demands his money. It’s not that easy so she slugs him with an ash tray. Now she’s got some bucks. She hides in a dressing room. She looks in a mirror. Then…her dark hair changes to blonde then she changes her dress. She leaves her old dress in the room, saunters out past everyone, spends the money and has herself a new wardrobe. No one recognized her.

That night Scott and Bach return home. Who is that knockout blonde?  Scott is smitten big time.  She shows them her new stuff. Bach is suspicious and grabs some blonde hair from her brush. He doesn’t buy that she got a dye job.  The microscope proves him right.

The next day Bach sees an article in the newspaper that really wakes him up. It takes a bit but she finally admits what she did. Then she overhears the docs talking about an antidote to her new attitude.  Later she saunters into the lab. She takes a swipe at the leopard and gets clawed.  That really turns Scott on. He’s all hers.

That night Bach holds a fundraiser at the house. The bash is loaded with rich people. One of them is Barton Kendall (John Archer). He gets a load of the blonde Kyra and could care less that his wife Evelyn is standing right next to him. A bit later Evelyn catches the two of them up close and personal.  Evelyn slugs Kyra. Kyra goes upstairs and hears Barton ask for a divorce. Evelyn refuses.

Kyra’s not putting up with that. She changes her hair back to black. Evelyn doesn’t recognize her…until Kyra strangles her. As she’s walking off no one on the balcony recognizes her. Not long after Bach’s accusation she freely admits to killing Evelyn what. She’s do whatever she feels like.

Now it’s time to get out your notebooks for the science portion of our movie. You’ll learn how the pineal gland can make someone a devil. Look it up. Scott and Bach are determined to make her a sweetie again with an operation. You know she’s not going for that. Later that night they try to drug her. She laughs that off.

The next morning Hannah is real happy. Kyra has split and left a goodbye note. The love sick Scott is devastated. What is she going to do? An article in the paper will reveal that.

More campy fun to come as the blonde Kyra goes into action.

Jack Kelly was all over movies and TV. One of his most memorable movie roles was Lt.Farman in “Forbidden Planet” (1956). On TV he was known as Bart Maverick in “Maverick” (1957-62).

The leopard doesn't know what it's in for

The leopard doesn’t know what it’s in for


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