Accidental Family (1967-68)

Jerry Van Dyke-Lois Nettleton

Jerry Van Dyke-Lois Nettleton

Jerry Van Dyke is nightclub entertainer Jerry Webster currently working in Las Vegas. His lawyer bought him a farm in the San Fernando Valley as an investment. It’s run by Sue Kramer (Lois Nettleton). Jerry’s sister-in-law Martha has had custody of his son Sandy ever since his wife died. Now she’s getting married and has sent the boy to live with his father.

Opening episode:September 15,1967 – “Everywhere A Chick Chick” – Jerry Webster is in a card game with his pals when his lawyer Marty Warren (Larry D.Mann) shows up after a business trip. He tells Jerry that he now has custody of his eight year old son Sandy (Teddy Quinn). He’s right outside. It’s an awkward meeting. The overly polite Sandy says he doesn’t have to keep him if he doesn’t want to. Jerry tries to connect. Then Marty tells him there’s a stipulation to the custody. He can’t raise Sandy in Las Vegas. The problem is how can he raise Sandy and work in Vegas at the same time. It’s off to the farm.

When they get there he meets and is smitten with Sue Kramer. Sue has a young daughter Tracy who makes friends with Sandy. The hired hand is an old vaudevillian, Ben McGrath (Ben Blue). That night Jerry tries to connect with Sandy but he’s too into watching Tarzan on TV. Then the lights go out.

In another room he and Sue look for candles. Jerry makes some moves on her. She’s not buying it. He explains to her that he told his wife that he couldn’t raise a child because he was in show biz and had to constantly be on the road. Sandy overhears and that makes the situation even more awkward.

The next day Sue and Tracy go into town leaving Jerry and Sandy alone Jerry tries again to tell him he was really wanted. It looks like it’ll take a pregnant sheep to get them together.

It’s an appealing cast and despite some terrible lines and extra helpings of corn the show should have lasted longer.



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