The Arthur Haynes Show (1956-66)

the arthur haynes show

During the show’s run Haynes was considered by many to be Britain’s top comedian. Almost all the major music and comedy stars of the era appeared on the show.

This early 1960’s episode featured musical guest Aileen Cochrane.  It opens with a sketch about a drunk who falls in front of a car. The driver (Arthur) wasn’t moving. A cop says if he wasn’t speeding then he was parked illegally.  The driver tells the cop the man just fell down in front of his car. The cop tells him to go get the man a brandy.  The cop and a witness go for a drink leaving the driver and the drunk on their own.

Aileen sings “Out Of My Dreams” while doing some laundry. Now a skit about a vacuum cleaner salesman. The customer, Arthur, has the salesman (Nicolas Parsons) pick up all the newspapers around the room.  Then he has him move the furniture around. Time to demonstrate the vacuum.  It works and the man makes the salesman do more work. He says he can’t help the salesman move anything because he has a bad back.  After all that he doesn’t buy it and Nicolas leaves. His wife comes home and compliments him on his hard work in cleaning the house.

The next sketch has Arthur as a window cleaner on a ledge who is afraid to come in. A man (Nicolas Parsons) helps him but ends up falling. Arthur wonders where he went.  Aileen is back with a medley of songs including “The Nearness Of You”, “Every Little While”, “We Kiss In The Shadow” and “I’m Just Wild About Harry.”

Arthur is back as a salesman selling a suit to Nicolas Parsons. Nicolas blows a line but gets past it with a laugh. Arthur tries to sell him a horse riding outfit. That doesn’t work then tries a Nazi SS uniform left over from the war. Now he tries selling him some wallpaper for suit material. Then he agrees to a suit made of a loud check material. Arthur refuses to measure him and instead says he always measures his employee Clarence.  The next morning Nicolas comes to pick up the suit. He looks ridiculous but that’s just the way it goes.

Aileen Cochrane

Aileen Cochrane


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