Curse Of The Fly (1965)

curse of the fly 1965

Third movie about the wacky Delambre clan that can’t stop experimenting with matter transmission. In 1958’s “The Fly” and 1959’s “Return Of The Fly” the pesky insect kept interfering. Now the next generation has its problems but despite the title there are no flies on these descendents. The movie has its moments but not enough of them to make it worthwhile.

Patricia Stanley (Carole Gray) escapes from a mental institution in just her underwear. Driving along is scientist Martin Delambre (George Baker). He can’t help but notice. He stops the car, gives her his sweater and takes her to his hotel. In typical movie fashion they’re married within two weeks.

Martin was headed back to the family mansion with some new equipment for their experiments. This generation of the family is into teleportation.  His Dad Henri (Brian Donlevy) and brother Albert are in London. They all keep in touch via short wave radio.

The new equipment is needed because Henri has to get back to Montreal. He doesn’t have a passport and got to London via teleportation. He has some radiation burns but that’s not stopping the progress of science. Albert has a girlfriend and wants to get married. He’s sick of the experiments anyway but Dad tells him to hang in there.

Meanwhile a woman from the mental home has contacted the cops about Patricia’s escape.  They trace her to Martin’s place thanks to the hotel register. She was in the institution because she had a nervous breakdown after her mother died. Patricia is a concert pianist and right before her first concert she had her breakdown.

At the house Martin has two Chinese servants, Tai and Wan. They also aided in experiments. Outside the house there are four stable doors that look like solitary confinement cells from old English prisons. Two are occupied by Samuels and Dill. They were lab assistants before the experiments went wrong. Another cell is occupied by Judith. Turns out she’s Martin’s wife. Not only that but she’s also a concert pianist. Now she has deformed hands and feet along with a scarred face,. So much for helping hubby out in his work. Wan takes care of them at mealtime.

Martin hasn’t gotten off scott free since he has a problems with his body and keeps a syringe handy when he gets an attack. Trouble hits the set up and there’s an attempt to drive Patricia crazy. Martin keeps telling her she’s just having nightmares.

The movie tries for some suspense and a few bits of horror but it just doesn’t work. There’s a lot of wasted time. Towards the very end in what may have been an in joke Martin gets to say “Help Me.”

Yvette Rees as Wan

Yvette Rees as Wan


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2 Responses to Curse Of The Fly (1965)

  1. Your summary was far…. far more entertaining than the movie.

  2. vintage45 says:

    Thanks. I try to have fun with something so awful.

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