From The Files Of Jeffrey Jones (1952-53)

Don Haggerty

Don Haggerty

Syndicated show about a Hollywood P.I. He doesn’t have an office so he had to be contacted at the Golden Bubble Cafe. The show has been almost forgotten but it is fun to watch. Jones has a pal named Doyle (Tristam Coffin) on the police force.

1952 episode:”Pigeon Hunt” w/Henry Kulky, Frank Sully and Lyle Talbot- Pro wrestler Terrible Teddy Thompson wakes up with blood on his hands and clothes. He tells his manager Bob York (Lyle Talbot), he doesn’t remember a thing. They go to the Golden Bubble to hire Jones.

When they get there Jones is talking with counterman Sully (Frank Sully). Teddy has a championship match coming up with Count Baroni. Until he finds out what happened he may be too shaken up to have a decent match. There’s some talk the bout may be fixed. Jones and Sully make a bet on the winner.

Teddy says he couldn’t sleep and walked to the South Seas Club and met a woman named Bernice. He says they went back to her place and had some cocoa. That’s all he can remember.

Jones goes to the club. It’s owned by former wrestling promoter Pete Marco. The bartender Midge (Henry Kulky) wants to toss him out. The only person at the bar is a dame named Doreen. He finds out where Bernice lives and then Marco has Midge give him the bum’s rush out.

When he gets to Bernice’s place the door is unlocked and he walks in. Bernice is dead on the floor. He’s surprised by Twitcher Henderson. Twitcher gets the best of Jones and knocks him out with a gun. Lt.Doyle comes in as Jones comes to. He explains about Teddy and Doyle lets him go on a pigeon hunt to find someone to pin the murder on.

He goes back to the South Seas and gets into a wrestling match with former pro Midge. Luckily Doyle shows up before he’s broken up. That night it’s the big match, a two out of three falls bout with a two hour time limit.

The place is surrounded by cops but that doesn’t stop Twitcher from firing at Teddy. A few twists and turns up to the end make for a good show.

Don Haggerty starred in 1952’s “The Cases Of Eddie Drake.” He had a long career in TV and movies.

Frank Sully showed up in many movies and TV shows. He had a recurring role as the dimwitted Sgt.Matthews in the Chester Morris Boston Blackie series in the 40’s.

Henry Kulky is familiar to TV fans as Chief Max Bronsky in “Hennesey” (1959-62) and as Otto Schmidlap in “The Life Of Riley” (1953-58). Before his movie and TV career he was a pro wrestler.

Henry Kulky

Henry Kulky



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