Gas House Kids Go West (1947)

gas house kids go west 1947

One hour of sheer agony. One of the worst movies ever. It’s a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of the East Side Kids or if you prefer Bowery Boys series. There isn’t one second of this worth seeing. The kids are Alfalfa (from The Little Rascals), Orvie, Corky, Scat and Chimp.

In New York the Gas House Kids are brought to the police station to see Sgt.Casey (Emory Parnell)…again. This time it’s for harassing a ballet dancer named Pulaski. Casey has had it. He says they can’t play in a basketball tournament where the top prize is a trip to a ranch outside Thousand Oaks,California. It’s a charity event run by Kitty Crowley in honor of her late husband.

She doesn’t think the kids are so bad and Casey relents and let’s them continue. They’re one win away from taking the tournament. That night they play the Demons. It’s all going their way until the Demons bring out their secret weapon. He’s the much taller and more agile Pulaski. It looks like the end for the kids but then their leader Alfalfa (Charlie “Alfalfa” Switzer) has an idea. It works and they win by two.

They’ve been given a thousand dollars for tickets to the coast for themselves and Casey. Then they get an idea. They propose buying a car and saving the left over money for a Christmas charity fund. Casey agrees. The kids go to a used car lot. The dealer says they can have a car for free if they deliver it to a dealer in California. The deal is made and they’re on the road.

They deliver the car to Steve Gilkey (Vince Barnett). They don’t know it’s stolen and part of a large racket. They catch a cab to the ranch where they meet the foreman Jim Kingsley and his fiancee Nan (Chili Williams). She’s Kitty’s daughter. Also there is an Indian (Jay Silverheels).  When the boys ride off on the runaway horses, Steve puts the car in the barn under a pile of hay. Alfalfa ends up in the barn and is under the hay. Alfalfa overhears Kingsley and Steve talk about getting rid of the car to a customer while Kingsley puts together a barbecue for that night to keep the boys away from the barn so Steve can get rid of the car.

That night Steve tells some tall tales and is about to leave. The boys stop him until Alfalfa can sing a long song called “West Of The Pecos.” Kingsley keeps signaling Steve to leave but the boys won’t let him. Back in the bunkhouse Orvie is pretending to be sick so he can sneak back to the barn and get the motor number. The Indian is out front to keep an eye on him. At the barbecue Kingsley and Nan announce their plans to get married that Saturday. That doesn’t give Casey too much time to come up with a plan to get enough evidence to break up the racket. Kingsley is also in a hurry because it all part of his plan to marry Nan and get control of the ranch.

This is absolutely one of the worst wastes of celluloid ever. To make things worse this is only one of three movies made with the Gas House Kids.

The kids with Chili Williams

The kids with Chili Williams



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