Law Of The Jungle (1942)

law of the jungle 1942

Bland storyline about an American singer trapped in Africa along with Nazi spies. An archaeologist may come to her rescue. There’s nothing special until the unexpected turn about ten minutes before the finish.

Nona Brooks (Arline Judge) lost her passport and doesn’t have a way out of a hotel where she’s a singer. Hotel owner Simmons (Arthur O’Connell) is tied in with Nazi agents Grozman and Belts. They’re keeping her passport.

Word comes that a British intelligence agent is on his way. While the agent sits at a table Simmons orders Nona to sing a song to him. While he’s distracted he’s stabbed to death. Simmons turns off the lights and Nona takes off through the jungle.  She comes across Larry Mason who is looking for the missing link. With him is his assistant Jefferson “Jeff” Jones (Mantan Moreland).

Larry thinks Nona is just a scheming B girl thanks to a warning from Simmons. He says he’ll watch out for her during the night but in the morning she’s got to go. His native bearers led by Bongo are nervous when they hear drums. They’re also upset about Nona’s appearance.

The waiter Simmons told to stab the agent hid documents in Nona’s jacket that prove they’re spies.  The jungle moon doesn’t help Nona charm Larry but he’s mellowed by morning. When Grozman and Belts show up Nona hides in the tent. They tell Larry they’re cops. He doesn’t buy it and throws them out.

Now two British constables show up. Larry thinks they’re fakes too and tosses them out. When they leave Nona tells him they were the real deal. Larry breaks camp to stay out of their way.

Meanwhile the man Simmons paid to kill the agent demands his money. That gets him a bullet from Grozman. The natives they’ve stirred up start stalking Bongo and Larry’s bearers. Bongo gets a spear through his chest. Larry sends back a bullet.

Larry, Nona and Jeff head out while the two tribes fight it out. Jeff gets lost and falls into the water. Larry and Nona hear him yelling and rescue him. They spot a cave and go inside. Nona finds the documents in her jacket. Larry hides them in a skull.

Complicating Jeff’s life is a visit by a gorilla. Larry takes care of that. Next to drop by are the natives led by Grozman and Belts. Larry,Nona and Jeff are taken hostage and locked up in a cage.

The movie now goes out in left field and finally makes it fun. Too bad it didn’t happen a lot sooner.

Arline Judge-John "Dusty" King

Arline Judge-John “Dusty” King

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