What Do You Want? (Unaired Pilot 1961)

Betty and Beth Lawrence and cats along with George and Groucho

Betty and Beth Lawrence and cats along with George and Grouchoo

Forerunner of “Tell It To Groucho” (1962). The show only lasted five months,. Once again, George Fenneman was his announcer. Groucho interviews guests who want something. They’ll also get a chance to win some money. Groucho was his usual funny self.

First guest is practical nurse Margaret Krebs. She wants to see a female president. She says she ran as a write in candidate in 1960 and got five votes. She spent five hundred dollars and got $13,75 from friends for stamps. Groucho asks some funny questions and then it’s time for the quiz. If she chooses not to answer she’ll get four hundred dollars. If she gets the right answer she wins a thousand dollars. If she gets it wrong she gets nothing. She has to name the bachelor King of Belgium. She says Beudouin. She’s right.

Next up is Beth Lawrence and her daughter Betty. Beth is an assistant buyer for a department store. The ladies want husbands. They have to meet specifications. They must love cats, music and have at least five thousand dollars. They have fifteen cats at home and have brought eight. George has a tough time bringing some of them out. The question is to name who ousted Lumumba from power and took over the Republic of Congo. They take the four hundred as they couldn’t come up with Mobutu.

The final guest is L.A.Police Chief William H.Parker. Typical Groucho as he asks him if he got to be Chief through bribery. He also asks if he ever calls on TV detectives for help. He says they’ve used Jack Webb once in a while. He says he wants more cops. Groucho asks if he can give him a thousand dollars for future favors. Parker says the quiz money will go to the L.A. Police Relief Fund. Parker has an officer come out to do the quiz. The officer can’t come up with the name of the athlete from Tennessee who won three Olympic gold medals in 1960. He took the four hundred since he couldn’t come up with Wilma Rudolph.

George closes the show giving previews of coming weeks including a female bagpipe troupe.

When “Tell It To Groucho” started airing George wasn’t available as he was hosting the show “Your Surprise Package.”

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  1. Donnalee says:

    That actually sounds like it might have been entertaining, plus it seems very sporting to be able to take $400.00 as an option.

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