It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog (1946)

it shouldn't happen to a dog 1946

Mildly amusing comedy about a reporter trying to bring down a racketeer. He gets help from a Doberman named Rodney.

Henry Barton (Allyn Joslyn) has returned to the paper where he was a crime reporter. While he was away that job went to Bess Williams. Editor Mitch Mitchell (Roy Roberts) makes him the science editor. He doesn’t have a clue about anything scientific.

Henry wants to work on the case of Mike Valentine (Reed Hadley). He wants to find Olive Stone. She’s the girlfriend of Chester Frye (Whit Bissell). He prepared Valentine’s income tax and the cops want him to testify. He’s nowhere to be found.

Mitch tells Henry to stick with science but he can’t help himself. He goes to Olive’s rooming house. She’s gone and the rent’s due. Henry says he’s a lawyer and has ten grand for Olive. While waiting to see if she’ll come back he rents her room. In a dresser drawer he finds a picture of Olive. He shows it to the owner-bartender of Nick’s. Overhearing it all is Gus Rivers (Harry Morgan), a gunman for Valentine.

Drinking at the bar is beat patrolman Joe Parelli. It’s April Fool’s Day and the anniversary of when he started on the force twenty years ago. Into the bar walks Julia Andrews (Carole Landis) with her Doberman Rodney. She wants to know if Nick has any scraps for him. He tells her to get out. Rodney is upset and Nick gets him some bones. When she leaves the lights go out. Nick is missing seventy bucks. Julia and Rodney are gone. Henry thinks he has a hot story about a dog robbing a bar. Mitch tells him to run with it. The story makes the front page.

The only problem is…Joe admits to pulling a joke on Nick. He’s the one who put out the lights. He gives Nick his money back. Now Henry’s got a fake story. Joe tells Henry to steal the dog until the story blows over. Posing as a phone man he goes to Julia’s apartment and manages to steal Rodney.

Julia confronts him and he says the dog ran away. He has Rodney stashed in his room.  Gus is waiting for him. He says Valentine wants to see him. Rodney looks on but when Gus pulls a gun Rodney jumps him. Now Henry has the gun and Gus has to leave but not before Henry gives him Rodney.

Julia sees the story and tells Henry she’s going to arrest him if he doesn’t get her dog back. Turns out she’s a cop.  Gus likes the story and robs a bar using Rodney. Henry goes to Valentine’s hotel room. Valentine offers him money to find Frye. As he’s leaving he spots Gus coming out of the elevator with Olive. Valentine’s men won’t let him interfere. Henry sees Julia in the lobby and blows her cover as a cop.

They then see one of Valentine’s men, Benny Smith (John Ireland) take off in a cab with Olive. They grab a cab and follow. While Julia holds a gun on Benny, Olive escapes and runs off. Henry can’t catch her. Now romance blooms between Julia and Henry and they work on the case together. Henry finds Rodney back in his room. Joe comes in to arrest him. Rodney stops that.

It’s a diverting B comedy that’s worth checking out. No big laughs but it has some fun moments.

Allyn Joslyn-Carole Landis-Rodney

Allyn Joslyn-Carole Landis-Rodney


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