The Big Surprise (1955-57)

Lorraine Rogers gets the insurance question

Lorraine Rogers gets the insurance question

Quiz show first hosted by Jack Barry and then Mike Wallace. Since “The $64,000 Question” was such a big hit the geniuses decided to rush out an imitation. At least they offered more money…a hundred thousand bucks..  Miss an easy question and you’re out. Miss a tough one and you lose half your winnings. To prevent a total loss there were a couple of insurance questions. During the show’s run only three people won a hundred grand.

February 5,1957 episode – Special guest is Errol Flynn. Mike Wallace hosts  – Mrs Margo Reeman of New York City is back as contestant.  Her category is From Basin Street To Boogie Woogie. First question: For a thousand bucks name four musicians from the Benny Goodman Orchestra between 1936-38 who formed their own bands and what instruments did they play. She got Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson, Harry James and Gene Krupa.

For two thousand bucks: Name the unusual recording from two members of the Bob Crosby band. It’s Big Noise From Winnetka by Bob Haggart and Ray Bauduc. For three thousand bucks: Of all the Jazz groups of any era, only two hit the height of popularity by being identified by their initials alone. The initials are ODJB and NORK. She also had to name the cornet playing leaders. She got it right by answering the Original Dixieland Jazz Band with Nick LaRocca and The New Orleans Rhythm Kings led by Paul Mares. She’ll be back next week to try for ten grand.

Now it’s time for Errol Flynn who chose ships and the sea for his category. This is a thirty thousand dollar question. Flynn talks about a trip to Mexico he took with his son on a treasure hunt.  Rather than risk the twenty thousand he’s already won he decided to go for an insurance questions. Out comes Lorraine Rogers to the insurance chest. He has to identify four words from a sailor’s dictionary….Burgee (a small pennant), Gimbals (something of brass to secure an item like a compass), Luff (spill the wind out of the sails) and Roadstead (something to help park a boat near the shore). He gets it right. That insures his twenty grand and now it’s time to go for thirty grand.

If a ship is listed as missing by Lloyd’s of London but turns up a bell is struck once at Lloyd’s,what is the bell called and in the past eight years only one ship has arrived after being posted missing then Mike names three missing ships. Errol has to identify their country of origin and what body of water they disappeared in.  The ships are the Sao Paulo (Brazil-North Atlantic)), the Kobenhavn (Denmark-South Atlantic) and the Waratah (British-South Atlantic or Indian Ocean). He has a few seconds to think it over. The bell is called Lutine. The thought to a missing ship was the Red Rock out of Glascow. He gets it right. He’ll be back next week to try for a hundred grand.

Next up is Nils T.Granlund,a Broadway show producer. His category is The Roaring Twenties. First he has to plug a show he’s putting together in Las Vegas. He’ll stop with ten grand and Lorraine brings out a bank book with his name on it.

The next contestant is pro wrestler Ed “Strangler” Lewis. His category is The New Testament.  Time’s up. He’ll be back next week.

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  1. Donnalee says:

    Either these guys were prompted behind the scenes or everyone was much smarter in those days. I am not super-young, but am unsure i would have gotten those in my category–then again, maybe in the past I would have.

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