It’s A Joke,Son! (1947)

it's a joke,son! 1947

Kenny Delamer brings his popular radio character Senator Beauregard Claghorn and his tag line to the big screen from the “Allen’s Alley” program. The character worked as part of an ensemble cast on radio but runs out of steam while trying to carry an hour long movie.

Claghorn is all about the South. He sees a man selling Northern apples and that’s all it takes for him to go on a rant. Ace and Knifey approach him to offer him money to make speeches for incumbent Senator Leeds. That sets him off again. Only one person can quiet him down…his wife Magnolia (Una Merkel). She has him get into the buggy and head for home.

Back home daughter Mary Lou (June Lockhart) and boyfriend Jeff Davis (Kenneth Farrell) are helping set the place up for a meeting of the Daughters of Dixie. Magnolia is dead set against the marriage but Claghorn doesn’t have a problem.

Jeff needs twenty-seven hundred dollars to buy a food truck. The mailman shows up with a fifteen hundred dollar check for Claghorn. Now the ladies show up and Claghorn goes to make the punch. It a sequence that seems to last forever William the young paper boy shows up for his money. Claghorn asks him to pour grape juice in the punch bowl. William pours in at least five full bottles of booze. The ladies drink it down and feel no pain. The major part of the meeting is to start a campaign fund to have Magnolia run for state senator.

In the kitchen Claghorn overhears Jeff and Mary Lou talking about the truck and endorses the check over to Jeff. Then he finds out Magnolia donated it to her campaign.

Jeff goes to see political boss Big Dan Healy(Douglas Dumbrille). He’s the force behind the dimwitted incumbent Leeds to keep him in office. Jeff says he has a plan to make sure Magnolia loses. Jeff tells Claghorn that he got a check for three thousand dollars to get him in the race as a third party candidate. Healy figures that will split the vote and Leeds will win again.

Claghorn gains in popularity and it looks like he could be the winner. Healy sends Ace and Knifey to warn him. If he wins he should plan his funeral. Claghorn ignores the warning. After a rally Claghorn is kidnapped. Ace and Knifey are supposed to hold him so he can’t get to town hall by nine o’clock. If he doesn’t make it Leeds is in.

The movie limps along to its lame and predictable ending. Even Daisey the dog can’t save this one.

This was Kenneth Farrell’s first credited movie role. He didn’t have too many more.

June Lockhart-Kenny Delmar-Kenneth Farrell

June Lockhart-Kenny Delmar-Kenneth Farrell


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