He Said She Said (1969-70)

he said she said

Former big league catcher Joe Garagiola hosted this show that featured celebrity couples. They were playing for a couple in the audience. If their celebrity couple won then they would get a week at the Holiday Inn of their choice in the U.S. or Canada.. The celebrities would answer questions about their lives. The show returned in a different format in 1974 with Bert Convy as host. It was called “Tattletales.”

This 1970 episode featured Robert Lansing and his wife Gari, Writer-actor Haywood “Woody” Hale Broun and wife Jane ,Orson Bean and wife Carolyn and Bill Cullen with wife Ann.

Orson tries some comedy. It doesn’t work. Haywood was funny when he said Joe’s audience reception was good for a .240 hitter.  The husbands tell stories about their married lives while the wives are backstage. They can’t hear what’s being said They have to guess who said what. The first topic is:How she keeps the spark alive.  Bill says, “What spark?. Orson says dinner wine. Haywood says being a counter irritant.  No one gets Bill’s answer.  Orson’s wife gets the wine answer.  Haywood’s wife gets the irritant answer.

Next topic:Something you won. Nobody chimes in and it’s on to:Something she really dressed up for. Robert says opening night of a play she starred in. Orson says a dungaree party. Haywood says almost anything. Gari gets it wrong. Carolyn misses it. Orson’s wife gets the dungaree party answer.

Halftime. The husbands go backstage. The topic:Something that keeps him from being perfect. Carolyn says Orson’s temper. Ann says Bill’s waistline. Gari says when Robert does card tricks when they’re out. Jane can’t play this round but says Heywood’s lack of head hair. They all chime in on waistline. Bill was first. Orson gets the temper comment. Robert gets the card trick answer. Next topic:Massages. Gari says she makes excuses to put it off until tomorrow., Orson’s wife says he likes foot massages.  Orson checks in first. He’s wrong. Robert gets it wrong and then Bill gets it wrong.

The winners are Orson and Carolyn. The winning audience couple are shown and that’s the show.


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  1. Glad you reviewed this and now I can skip it!

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