Murder Is My Beat (1955)

murder is my beat 1955

Dull movie about a cop who thinks he arrested the wrong person who was tried and convicted of murder. He sets out to prove her innocent. The script tries to out clever itself and lays an egg.

Police Captain Bert Rawley (Robert Shayne) sneaks into a cabin and arrests his friend abd fellow cop Ray Patrick (Paul Langton).  The movie goes into flashback as Ray tells how he got into this mess.

Ray was assigned to the Frank Dean case. His body was found in his fireplace. His face and hands were burned and there was no way to get fingerprints. The elderly landlady Miss Farrell throws suspicion on Dean’s girlfriend, singer Eden Lane (Barbara Payton).

Ray goes to the joint where she works. He sits down with her roommate Patsy Flint. She tries to get rid of him but he ends up taking her home. He searches the place and finds a piece of paper in the waste basket. That gives him a lead that Eden is on a bus heading for San Francisco.

He finds out she left the bus early and headed for Dean’s mountain cabin. There’s a blizzard and he treks four miles to almost seven thousand feet to the cabin and walks in. Because of the weather he stays the night. She takes the bedroom and he sacks out on the couch. To show he’s a gentleman he never takes off his tie.

Eden admits to having an affair with Dean and hitting him over the head with a ceramic figurine. She says she didn’t kill him. The trial is fast and she’s convicted. One witness may have been Dean’s chauffeur/bodyguard Mike but he’s missing.

On the train to the big house Ray and Eden are accompanied by a matron. Ray has nagging doubts about her guilt. The matron returns from the dining car and Ray asks if she wouldn’t mind going back to get Eden something to eat. Eden swears she saw Dean through the train window at the station in Lindaville.  After the matron leaves Ray tells Eden to get her coat and bag. The train is approaching a crossing and will slow to ten miles per hour. The two jump off. He says he’ll give it a week to try and prove her innocence. After that it’s back to prison.

The two pose as a married couple and check into an auto court. When he goes into town he’s surprised to see Patsy walking along. He follows her to her hotel. She’s registered as Miss Smith. Ray sneaks into her room. He just so happens to have a ring of skeleton keys. Inside a suitcase (yes,he has a key for that too) he finds five thousand dollars under a false bottom.

Ray gets suspicious when there are no radio or newspaper reports about the stolen money. He spots a figurine in the auto court lobby that is the same as the one in Dean’s apartment. The clerk says the ceramic plant is the town’s main industry. He goes there and buys a figurine. In the foreman’s office he meets the plant owner’s wife Mrs.Abbott. He spots a photo on the wall of a group. He hides in a closet until everyone goes home.

He rolls up the picture and on the way out runs into a man who slugs him. Ray gets in a lucky punch and runs off. Back at the auto court he shows the picture to Eden. She doesn’t recognize anyone. So mush for that hunch.  Of course by this time Ray and Eden have fallen for each other. The next day Ray searches around for anything that can help him. Nothing. He goes back to the room. Eden’s gone.

Back to the present. Bert finally agrees to give Ray another twenty-four hours and will team up with him to see if Eden really is innocent.

The movie tosses in some stuff out of left field and winds its way to a rushed solution. The last scene is, in a word, stupid. No reason to spend time with this one.

Robert Shayne appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows. His best known role was as Inspector Henderson in “The Adventures Of Superman” (1952-58).

Barbara Payton-Paul Langton

Barbara Payton-Paul Langton



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