Road House (1948)

road house 1948

Good cast in a good drama. The owner of a road house becomes enamored with a singer he hired. His best friend and manager of the business also takes notice. Ida Lupino is great at the singer and Richard Widmark is great to watch as the obsessed owner. Cornel Wilde does a good job as the manager. Also doing a great job is Celeste Holm as the club cashier. The place is a combination bar and bowling alley.

The popular song “Again” made its debut in the movie and is sung by Ida Lupino.

Jefty Robinson (Richard Widmark) is the owner of a road house fifteen miles from the Canadian border. He’s a womanizer and the singers he hires don’t last too long as he grows tired of them. During a trip to Chicago he hires Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino) as his latest entertainer. Manager Pete Morgan (Cornel Wilde) isn’t happy. Neither is  club cashier Susie Smith (Celeste Holm).

Lily is waiting in Peter’s office. He doesn’t have a clue as to who she is until she tells him about being hired in Chicago. Jefty wants  Pete to drive her to the hotel. Instead he takes her to the train station across the street. He gives her money and tells her to leave town. He says Jefty has a history of hiring and firing girls since he quickly tires of them. She’s strong willed and makes up her mind to stay. Turns out she’s a big hit with the crowd.

Jefty wants Pete and Lily to get along and tells him to give her bowling lessons. It’s an edgy relationship but there’s something there that gets Susie jealous. Jefty leaves on a hunting trip. Lily wants to be with Pete on a boat ride. He tells her she’s Jefty’s girl and won’t take her. Pete and Susie are about to leave and Lily invites herself along.

Pete and Susie are having a great time then Lily decides to finally join them in the water. That night Lily is into her songs and a drunk won’t leave her alone. Pete to the rescue. Nothing like a barroom brawl to bring people together.

Jefty returns and goes to the hotel. Lily’s not there. He runs into Susie outside. As they talk Pete and Lily drive up in the background behind Jefty. Susie says she and Pete were at the movies that night. Jefty never sees them drive up over his shoulder. Later on Pete sees Susie outside the club and she tells him about the alibi.

Inside Jefty shocks Pete when he shows him that he took out a marriage license for himself and Lily. Later while Pete is with Lily, Jefty calls to tell her what he did and what they’re going to do. She’s not having any of it. Peter says he’ll have to go to Jefty’s house and tell him what’s going on.

Now things get real interesting and to reveal anything else would be a spoiler.

Cornel Wilde-Richard Widmark-Ida Lupino

Cornel Wilde-Richard Widmark-Ida Lupino




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