Whispering Ghosts (1942)

whispering ghosts 1942

Fun with Milton Berle as a radio host that calls himself “The Man Who Lifts The Veil.” He solves old crimes. The movie is a combination of fun and mystery as he looks into the murder of a sea captain.

It’s been ten years since Captain Eli Weatherby was killed with a hatchet. His grandniece Betty Woods (Brenda Joyce) and her fiancee David Courtland search an old schooner of her uncles. It’s falling apart. They don’t know someone is watching them. Betty senses something but brushes it off.

Thanks to H.H.Van Buren’s (Milton Berle) radio show she thinks there’s a treasure on board. He says in one week he’ll name the murderer of Captain Weatherby. His sponsor is happy but then Inspector Norris walks in. He tells Van Buren he’ll be arrested for obstruction of justice if he doesn’t tell him right now the name of the killer. He finally does. He’s wrong. The name he gives is an alias of Weatherby’s.

Van Buren and his valet Euclid Brown (Willie Best) go to the boat to search for evidence. All of a sudden a sea hag named Meg comes in. She claims Van Buren is Weatherby and she’s going to marry him. She’s been waiting since 1861. Next up is Long Jack (John Carradine). He says he was Weatherby’s first mate. They pull all kinds of stunts that scare Euclid. Later on Van Buren overhears them talking. They’re actors hired by his announcer. The two are always playing practical jokes on each other.

Betty gets a visit from a lawyer who wants to settle her inheritance now instead of waiting for another year. He gives her Weatherby’s will and a package containing a dog collar. He leaves but is grabbed when he gets into the elevator.

When Betty shows up on the boat Van Buren is sure she another actress. She says the will and collar are clues to diamonds on board. She has to follow a ten thousand mile trip her uncle made in 1929.

The boat is getting crowded as scientist Walter Bascomb comes aboard with book salesman Jonathan Flack (Grady Sutton). Even more people show up and a lot of madness occurs before it’s all over. Berle gets to deliver a lot of funny one liners during the whole thing. This was fun although it did get confusing towards the end.

Willie Best-Milton Berle

Willie Best-Milton Berle


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