What In The World (1951-66)

wcau-tv logo 1948-1955

Game show broadcast on WCAU-TV in Philadelphia. It ended up on PBS in the sixties.  Experts have to identify objects that appear through smoke. They are artifacts from various time periods. The experts have to identify them. The show may be real dry for a typical audience but those that decry the lack of what are termed intelligent shows will like it. You could call it a game show but since there aren’t any prizes or hosts with more teeth than the average human it really doesn’t belong in that category. It’s just some experts having some fun.

1954 episode: Anthropologist Dr.Alfred Kidder hosts this episode. The objects on this show are all from the Cincinnati Art Museum.  The panel is Dr.Carleton Coon an expert on the Muslim world, sculptor Jacques Lipchitz and Far East expert Dr.Schuyler Cammann.

The first object is the figure of a rampant leopard from the fifth and sixth centuries. It was used as a wine ewer handle in Persia. Jacques gets it. Next up a miniature violin from Italy from the early 17th or 18th century. Jacques gets the date and place. It was used by dancing masters. It was known as a Groupe Pochet.

Next is a gold ear ornament from the island of Nias off the coast of Sumatra It’s from around the early 20th century. They all miss it. Next up is an ancient figurine of a leaping horse was an ornament for a bronze vessel, probably Sybian. It was made around the second century BC and one AD. The experts have a tough time with it. Carleton Figures it out.

Next object: A limestone head excavated from Jordan that could be a Goddess. It may be from 125AD. They almost got it but…close but no cigar. The last object in the episode is a bronze figurine of a wild ass from North China. It’s dated between 206BC and 221AD.  They get the time and place but dispute the kind of animal..


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