Boy,Did I Get A Wrong Number! (1966)

boy did i get a wrong number! 1966

Bland comedy with Bob Hope as a real estate salesman who gets mixed up with movie sex symbol Elke Sommer. On a positive note, Sommer proves that sex symbols can be funny. No question that she looks great throughout the movie. The first hour just about lays there but things pick up in the last half hour until a silly chase scene goes on way too long.

Didi (Elke Sommer) throws a temper tantrum when she’s asked to do another bubble bath scene in her latest movie. This time director Pepe Pepponi (Cesare Danvoa) can’t calm her down and she gets in her car and races off. A reporter (Harry Von Zell) is on her trail but can’t find her. She’s listed as missing,.

Tom Meade (Bob Hope) has been trying to unload a lake cottage that’s all by itself. The development ended up at another part of  Crystal Lake. Back home he goes through the usual repartee with housekeeper Lily (Phyliss Diller). His wife Martha (Marjorie Lord) isn’t home. She’s at a hotel beauty parlor. Tom calls the hotel and the switchboard operator (Joyce Jamison) mistakenly connects him with Didi. She’s hiding out there and no one knows it. The papers all have front page stories that she’s missing.

She says she’s hungry and convinces Tom to bring her some food. Tom doesn’t know it but Lily is listening in. He tells Martha he’s going out for a poker game with the boys. At her hotel suite Didi gives him a sob story and he sees a way to make some money. He’ll put Didi up at the cabin and later he’ll exploit it after she’s back to work He writes his work number on a lunch bag. She ends up losing her temper and throws him out.

When she opens the door a bellhop spots her. She takes off for the cabin before the cops and media can get there. Back home Tom suggests to Martha a quiet weekend at the cabin away from the kids. She finally agrees. Then Didi calls and says she’s staying there. Now Tom has to convince Martha to stay home. He says the call was from a ranger and that a water pipe broke and the place is a mess. He’ll have to go out there to clean up.

When he gets there Didi is asleep in a bubble bath. She’s taken a sleeping pill. Lily rides up on a motorcycle to warn him that Martha is on her way. She felt she should help him clean things up.

Now the movie goes into slapstick mode as he tries to hide Didi from Martha. After a while it doesn’t work and Martha drives off. An angry Didi gets in her car and speeds off and drives right into the lake..

Now things pick up as Tom is charged with her murder. There’s some funny stuff as the circus by the lake begins. Phyliss Diller has a funny bit. Then….it’s the chase scene that’s right out of the Keystone Kops. It’s supposed to be silly and it goes over the top.

Sitcom fans know Marjorie Lord as Danny Thomas’s second wife Kathy (1957-64).

Bob and Phyliss try to get Elke moving

Bob and Phyliss try to get Elke moving



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  1. Love this! A share forthcoming…

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