Wire Service (1956-57)


Hour long drama about reporters for Trans-Global Wire Service. Dane Clark, George Brent and Mercedes McCambridge take turns starring in the show’s thirty-nine episodes. It’s a good one to check out. It should have had a longer life.

January 3,1957 episode:”Chicago Exclusive w/Fay Spain, Vaughn Taylor and Ray Teal – Reporter Dean Evans (George Brent) is back in Chicago after two years abroad. He goes to a nightclub owned by Leo Halliday. He’s with Leo’s lawyer Hugh Saxton (Vaughn Taylor). In another part of the club, cigarette girl Peggy (Fay Spain) is talking with her boyfriend, pianist Dave Elsmore.

Leo asks her to go to his office to get some papers. She’s followed by gangster Johnny Dukes. He puts the moves on her when a jealous Dave charges in. He gets a right cross for his trouble and grabs a letter opener to open up Johnny. Leo gets there in time and throws them both out.

Later as Dean and Saxton are leaving, someone guns down Johnny.  Gangster Jake Stieger is picked up. Later on Saxton tells Dean that Elsmore has a luger and it turns out that’s the gun that was used to bump Johnny. Dean writes the story and doesn’t tell D.A.Phil Tennant or Police Captain Gorman (Ray Teal) his source. He ends up with a thirty day jail sentence. Elsmore is tries for the murder and gets the death sentence.

When Dean gets out he runs into a hostile Peggy. She says he’s a chump and was used to frame Elsmore. He eventually makes peace with her and agrees to do some investigating. Stieger is picked up but all he does is make wisecracks until his lawyer gets him out.

Dean does some digging and finds out that Steiger and Leo were cellmates several years back. He goes to see Elsmore on death row but doesn’t get much from him as he doesn’t seem to care about his life. Dean digs in his heels and finally solves the case.

It’s a great cast and one of the best of the early TV dramas.

Ray Teal was Sheriff Roy Coffee on “Bonanza” (1960-72).

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