The St.Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967)

the st.valentine's day massacre 1967

It’s Bugs Moran versus Al Capone. It all leads up to the morning of February 14,1929 in the Clark Street Garage. This version was directed and produced by Roger Corman and written by mystery writer Howard Browne. The actors all seem to be having a good time playing gangster especially Jason Robards as Al Capone. He gives a first class lesson in how to way,way overact. This movie is narrated by Paul Frees. Biographical information is given as most characters are introduced including how and when they died. This is a live action cartoon and on that basis is a must see.

Pete (George Segal) and Frank Gusenberg(David Canary) tell a bartender from now on he’ll be buying his beer from the Bugs Moran gang. Too bad if Al Capone doesn’t like it. At a meeting of Capone’s gang Al isn’t happy. He wants Moran hit…NOW! Frank Niti (Harold J.Stone with a laughable accent) says it’ll take up to five weeks to set it up. Al’s nor going for that. Jake McGurn asks to take charge of the hit.  Hymie Weiss (Reed Hadley) sends a group of guys with machine guns to mow him down in a restaurant. The all stand outside and pump bullets into the place. Everyone is on the floor so all they hit is furniture.

Meanwhile Bugs Mean (Ralph Meeker) is meeting with his boys on how to deal with Capone. He knows the Mafia, thanks to Patsy Lolordo, is protecting Capone. He’s got to go.

Moran puts his plan into action with the help of Patsy’s lifelong friend Joey Aiello.  The hitmen stroll into Patsy’s place. That’s it for him.

The movie also does a brief bt on the death of Dion O’Bannion (John Agar) in his flower shop that led to Capone’s rise. There are a number of bits about hits on other gangsters and how the whole massacre was set up.

Look for actors Joseph Campanella as Albert Weinshank, Bruce Dern as Johnny May, Paul Richards as Charlie Fischetti, Alex Rocco as Diamond and Leo Gordon as Heitler as he buys a car.

On a number of occasions the movie never lets the facts get in the way of a good story but this is still well worth checking out.

February 14,1929

February 14,1929

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