Breaking Point (1963-64)


Paul Richards stars as psychiatrist Dr.McKinley Thompson. His boss at the clinic is Dr.William Rymer played by Eduard Franz. It’s an adult drama that featured a lot of famous or soon to be famous guest stars.

September 30,1963 episode: “Fire And Ice” w/Janice Rule and Kevin McCarthy – Diane Henry (Janice Rule) is in the park watching some stud working out on the rings. They exchange a look and that’s all it took.

She goes to the clinic and sees Dr.Thompson. She’s trying to decide if she’s fire or ice. She tells him what happened in the park. She tells him what happened that morning. Her husband David’s (Kevin McCarthy) business partner is his mother. She can’t stand Diane because she can’t have a child. Then she tells Diane that David wants a divorce. Then David walks in.

Later that night Diane walks through the city and hears the usual TV horrible imitation of Rock “n Roll coming from a joint called Danceland. Inside are a bunch of young people embarrassing themselves twisting the night away. She spots some stud and he spots her. It’s a hard to watch dance scene since it’s beyond goofy.

As things move along Diane finds out she’s pregnant. She heads back to the clinic and goes between freaking out and sex kitten to Dr.Thompson. He makes her realize that her childhood wasn’t all that ideal and the roots of her problem lie back there.

Then she heads to her mother-in-laws’s where David has been staying. He’s out of town. She shows Mom proof she’s pregnant. At first she doesn’t believe her but then realizes it’s true. She tells Diane that the baby will be taken care of and all she has to do is sign a release giving the baby up. That doesn’t go over too well.

On another night Diane waits outside Mom’s apartment to see David when he comes back from his trip. They go upstairs and Diane makes a confession. He throws her out. Dr.Thompson makes him face something he didn’t want to go near.

The episode comes across like a bad romance novel. It’s saving grace is the performance of Janice Rule with kudos also going to Irene Tedrow as the mother-in-law from Hell.

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