Moss Rose (1947)

moss rose 1947

Good combination of romance and mystery as a chorus girl investigates the murder of her friend. She blackmails the suspect but it isn’t for money. The movie is told via flashback as the girl is on a train.

It’s the late 1800’s in London. Chorus girls Daisy Arrow and Belle Adair (Peggy Cummings) are done for the night. Belle takes off with bookie George Gilby. Daisy leaves with a mysterious stranger. Belle hears his voice and George got a quick glimpse of him but that’s all they could manage. When Belle gets back to their rooming house she finds Daisy dead. Next to her is a bible with a page marked with a moss rose.

Belle decides to investigate. The cab driver who picked up Daisy the night before tells her where he dropped the man off. Belle spots him sitting by himself in a hotel dining room. He’s the wealthy Michael Drego (Victor Mature). He’s joined by his mother Lady Margaret (Ethel Barrymore) and fiancee Audrey Ashton. Michael is going to join them at his country estate in a few days.

Belle goes to his room and confronts him about Daisy. He’s sure she’s blackmailing him and he throws her out. Belle sees a wedding announcement in the paper about Michael and Audrey. She cuts out enough letters to send an anonymous note to Scotland Yard. Police Inspector Clinner (Vincent Price) and Deputy Inspector Evans (Rhys Williams) bring Michael in.

They call in two other cops while Belle listens in. They all read a statement. She identifies the voice of Michael. When Evans thinks they should read different statements Michael reads a statement that sends a clear signal to Belle that he’s ready to cooperate. Belle changes her mind and says she’s not sure and everyone goes home. Later Michael gives her five hundred pounds. As he’s ready to leave the hotel for the country he’s given a letter that was just left for him. Belle wants to met him later that night.

On Waterloo Bridge she gives him the money back. She says she’s always dreamed of living on an estate with servants and see what the life of a Lady is really like. He takes her to the country. Audrey’s not happy to see her but Lady Margaret likes her and shows her the house.

Later on Lady Margaret isn’t happy to find Belle in a room that’s been kept closed for years. It’s Michael’s room from when he was a small child. His father took him to Canada and Lady Margaret never saw him again until he was an adult. She swears Belle to secrecy.

While Audrey is in London Michael admits to Rose that he doesn’t love Audrey and that it’s an arranged marriage. Audrey and Rose go to a bookstore. That’s where it’s discovered that Audrey bought three bibles. Later Clinner and Evans visit the estate to question her. Clinner also wants to see the moss roses Lady Margaret grows.

Then there’s another death. Next to the body…a bible and a moss rose.  The mystery deepens as the movie moves along. This is one to definitely look up.

Vincent Price-Ethel Barrymore

Vincent Price-Ethel Barrymore



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