Night World (1932)

night world 1932

In New York night life it’s plenty of booze and babes. This is a great time piece that takes place during one night in a night club. owned by Boris Karloff.

After a montage of night time in Times Square the movie goes to the front of Happy McDonald’s (Boris Karloff) club. Tim (Clarence Muse) the doorman is talking to Ryan the cop about his wife who is in the hospital. Then he starts to talk about life and Ryan calls him a philosopher.

Inside Happy is meeting and greeting the customers. One of them is Michael Rand (Lew Ayres). He’s drunk. He’s been that way ever since his mother killed his father after catching him with another woman. She was acquitted.

Also arriving is gambler Ed Powell (George Raft). He goes backstage to see dancer Ruth Taylor (Mae Clark). They make a bet. If he wins she has to go on a date with him. He does.
A drunk is wandering around asking if anyone is from Schenectady. He wanders into the girls dressing room and there’s a quick reference to Frankenstein. Now it’s showtime:

The girls work out to a number designed by Busby Berkeleyl

The girls work out to a number designed by Busby Berkeley

After the number Edith Blair goes to Michael’s table. She was the woman his father was having an affair with. She explains what really happened that night. She says his mother cursed his father after she shot him. She says his father always loved him. Michael asks why she didn’t testify to all that on the stand. She says she didn’t think anyone would believe her.

Happy isn’t happy about the performance of the chorus and tells Klaus the choreographer to keep them all after hours to work on the routine. The girls hope Happy somehow catches his wife and Klaus since they’ve been having it on for quite a while.

A romance is building between Michael and Ruth. Earlier Michael started getting loud and obnoxious and Happy had to knock him out. He placed him on a couch in his office and Ruth plays nurse.

A gangster came to see Happy about where he buys his booze. Happy says he’s not changing over to The Big Fella. Happy asks his wife for his gun. She gives it to him but doesn’t tell him she removed the bullets.

Michael has a long awaited confrontation with his mother (Hedda Hopper). He reads her the riot act and she gives it right back to him. Then she storms out.

Now some unexpected things happen to make this a very interesting movie and one that should be looked up and seen.

Boris sneaks around

Boris sneaks around


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  1. I haven’t seen this one, but look forward to seeing it. And somehow I find Karloff playing a character named Happy McDonald amusing.

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