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Wire Service (1956-57)

Hour long drama about reporters for Trans-Global Wire Service. Dane Clark, George Brent and Mercedes McCambridge take turns starring in the show’s thirty-nine episodes. It’s a good one to check out. It should have had a longer life. January 3,1957 … Continue reading

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The Story Of Alexander Graham Bell (1939)

Heavy doses of corn and soap combine to tell the story of how Don Ameche invented the land line. Boston 1873. Bell is trying to teach deaf mutes how to speak. With him is George, the young son of Thomas … Continue reading

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You’re Never Too Young (1955)

Jerry Lewis spends most of the movie masquerading as an eleven year old. He’s being pursued by a killer and diamond thief played by Raymond Burr. He trails him to a school for girls where Dean Martin is a teacher. … Continue reading

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The Best Of The Complete Pablo Masterpieces-Art Tatum

[5:03] 1. Perdido [7:07] 2. Memories Of You [3:34] 3. You Took Advantage Of Me [7:12] 4. All The Things You Are [5:22] 5. Body And Soul [6:13] 6. Under A Blanket Of Blue [4:11] 7. The Moon Is Low … Continue reading

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Boy,Did I Get A Wrong Number! (1966)

Bland comedy with Bob Hope as a real estate salesman who gets mixed up with movie sex symbol Elke Sommer. On a positive note, Sommer proves that sex symbols can be funny. No question that she looks great throughout the … Continue reading

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Lucy Ann Polk With The Les Brown Orchestra (1950-1953)

(2:34] 1. Swingin’ At The Met [3:00] 2. Sometimes I’m Happy [2:53] 3. Boptized [2:50] 4. Waitin’ At The Station [2:04] 5. Sabre Dance [2:01] 6. Where Are You [3:26] 7. How High The Moon [2:33] 8. You’re Different [2:21] … Continue reading

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Harper (1966)

If you’re looking to settle in with a good crime movie then check this one out. It’s based on “The Moving Target”, Ross MacDonald’s 1949 debut of Lew Archer. One story says the last name of the character was changed … Continue reading

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What In The World (1951-66)

Game show broadcast on WCAU-TV in Philadelphia. It ended up on PBS in the sixties.  Experts have to identify objects that appear through smoke. They are artifacts from various time periods. The experts have to identify them. The show may … Continue reading

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Crack-Up (1936)

An aircraft company has designed a plane that could be used for transatlantic flights. Complicating things is a spy ring after plans for a new type of bomber. This is a good B movie and fans of Peter Lorre will … Continue reading

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China Gate (1957)

Written,Directed and Produced by Samuel Fuller. It takes place in North Vietnam in 1954 as the French are fighting the Communists. The story involves a band of mercenaries in the French Foreign Legion out to blow up an arms depot. … Continue reading

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