Turn The Key Softly (1953)

turn the key slowly 1953

Good drama that follows what happens to three women as they’re released from prison. They have to start over in London. There’s Monica Marsden. Her boyfriend David tricked her into coming along on a burglary. When the cops closed in he took off leaving her to take the fall. Stella Jarvis is a hooker with an innocent boyfriend. Lastly there’s Granny Quilliam who has fifteen shoplifting convictions.

All three give excellent performances including the twenty year old Joan Collins. Special mention has to be made about Kathleen Harrison. She is terrific. Stage actress Yvonne Mitchell is also in top form.

Monica (Yvonne Mitchell) wants them all to meet that night for a champagne dinner. Granny can’t wait to bring Johnny to an exclusive restaurant. Monica and Granny (Kathleen Harrison) hop on the subway. A man named Mr.Gregory tries to pick up Monica. He insists she meet him that night for dinner. She has no plans on taking him up on it and says her name is Stella. Monica goes to a girlfriend’s place. She says she hopes Monica doesn’t plan on seeing David again for more trouble.

She goes job hunting afraid her prison record will be held against her. One firm takes a chance on her. Things look good until she goes back to her place and there’s David at the door. He throws on the charm and she falls for it again. He proposes a night at the theatre after her dinner with the ladies.

Granny is on her way back to her former residence. Along the way she tries to resist shoplifting. Her former landlady lets her back in and now she can’t wait to see Johnny. Here he comes. Johnny is a dog. Her next stop is to see her daughter Lila who is not happy to see her. Her granddaughter has a different reaction. Lila lies about where they have to go but the granddaughter lets the cat out of the bag. They take off and Granny heads back to keep the dinner date.

While all of the above is going on Stella (Joan Collins) is with her boyfriend Bob. He’s a bus conductor and waited for her outside the prison. She asks to stay with him but he’s prim and proper. Besides his landlady wouldn’t let it happen. He gives her money to get a room in a nice part of town. They’ll get married next week. Meanwhile she looks up her former associates.

They all meet at the restaurant…..the three women and Johnny. After a nice time Monica is off to the theatre with David. Mr.Gregory spots her and yells after her calling “Stella.” Stella straightens all that out and the two take off for a night of fun. She needs it because she spent the money Bob gave her for a room on a pair of earrings.

Granny goes to a pub with Johnny. When she goes to the Ladies the entrance door opens and Johnny goes outside. Earlier his name tag fell off and he doesn’t have any ID. Granny searches all over town.

Stella is doing the town with Mr.Gregory while Bob waits. Gregory is stoned and has a fat wallet. Stella doesn’t miss that. She’s happy Bob is patient and was still waiting for her.

Monica and David arrive at the theatre. Turns out the show she’s going to see is not on stage.

A sequence in the last fifteen minutes is loaded with suspense. This is a good one to look for.

Kathleen Harrison played Alice Thursday is one of Britain’s better sitcoms, “Mrs. Thursday” (1966-67).

Kathleen Harrison-Yvonne Mitchell-Joan Collins

Kathleen Harrison-Yvonne Mitchell-Joan Collins


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  1. Donnalee says:

    Wow, Joan Collins was a babe at that age! I had never seen her so young before–

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