Fighting Stock (1935)

fighting stock 1935

Comedy where the jokes come fast and it’s easy to miss some of them. The lines are delivered as parts of normal conversation as opposed to being exaggerated and that makes them funny. All they wanted was a quiet time at a country cottage and do some fishing. That peace doesn’t last long as out heroes get involved with the neighbors.

Brigadier General Sir Donald Rowley (Tom Walls) and his nephew Sydney (Ralph Lynn) stay at a quiet cottage. While Sir Donald fishes Sydney makes some moves on Mrs.Barbara Rivers. He soon changes targets when he meets her stepdaughter Eileen (Lesley Wareing).

Meanwhile at the creek Mr.Rivers tells Sir Donald that he’s fishing on his property and to get to his side. Sir Donald’s not putting up with that and tells him if he bothers him again he’ll toss him in the water.

Barbara and Eileen are talking about Sydney coming on to them and Mr.Rivers overhears. He heads over to the cottage. Sir Donald tells him Sydney is from fighting stock so he better watch himself. Then he literally uses his foot to kick him out.

Mr.Rivers niece Diane has been touch. Rivers thinks she wants money and he’s going to London to tell her directly that she’s not getting any. River’s brother died in jail and an accountant named Murlow was involved and spent a year in prison. Diane’s brother is hiding out somewhere and Murlow wants to find him. He’s been following Diane around and she takes off for the cottage. Mr.Rivers doesn’t know she’s on her way and leaves to go see her.

The next arrival is Sir Donald’s secretary Duck. He has a bunch of papers for him to sign. Now things aren’t so quiet any more. Murlow is sneaking around and Sydney is told to take care of him. Confusion reigns as Sydney accidentally makes a heavy vase fall onto Murlow. Sir Donald and Duck are going to take the body and dump it. But when they get back inside Sydney had hit Rivers on the head and he’s knocked out. No one knew he was back. Sir Donald and Duck grab his body without looking to see who it is.

That’s how this movie goes and the one liners continue throughout. Some of them may not have been able to get through the American code to anyone listening carefully. That of course makes it fun. It’s old fashioned comedy that will appeal to anyone looking for some early movie laughs.

Lesley Wareing-Ralph Lynn-Herbert Lomas

Lesley Wareing-Ralph Lynn-Herbert Lomas


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  1. I am unfamiliar with this film, but look forward to seeing it based on your recommendation. Thanks.

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