Hail! Mafia. (1965)

hail,mafia 1965

An absolute lost gem that stars Jack Klugman and Henry Silva as a Mafia hit team sent to France to bump off someone who could blow the whistle if he testifies before a Senate committee investigating organized crime. This is a must see. It’s all done to the Jazzy soundtrack by Hubert Rostaing.

There’s a lot at stake and the mob boss isn’t taking any chances. Rudy Hamberg (Eddie Constantine) has been living in France under the assumed name Hamberg. The boss is afraid that Rudy might testify against the organization at the Senate hearings and that could bring their multi million dollar construction operation down.

A hit team has been given the contract. One is Schaft (Henry Silva). The other is Ben(Jack Klugman). Phil demands to get the contract and is told Schaft has to go with him. Phil say his former friend Rudy ruined his sister’s life and he wants revenge. He has to give up a percentage to Ben and then they’re off to Paris.

In Paris Phil doesn’t understand anything about the culture and could care less. Schaft notices someone keeping any eye on them and tricks the tail and gets him out of the way. Meanwhile Rudy is trying to get his girlfriend Sylvia (Elsa Martinelli) out of the way. He doesn’t tell her why he has to go to a remote location. When she shows up he tells her to get in the car and leave. She’s steamed and drives off.

Phil has Rudy’s address and he and Schaft start driving out there. The two have a conversation about what it’s like to be a hit man. Schaft has pride in his work and admits he doesn’t like Phil. He says anyone who would kill a friend is a rat. This is a very interesting sequence that’s rarely if ever seen in movies of this type. As they continue on their journey Rudy is setting up his defense. Schaft and Phil don’t know he’s been warned.

The last half hour is just great. Silva and Klugman are terrific and there’s so much to like about this movie it is well worth hunting it up.

Henry Silva-Jack Klugman

Henry Silva-Jack Klugman




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