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I'm a big fan of vintage books,movies,TV shows and music. I encourage everyone to patronize your local used book/record store and pick up some of the good stuff. My posts are capsule reviews of some favorites that you may want to investigate. The albums posted aren't really reviews but items from my collection that are still available. I try and point out highlights of each one and let the music speak for itself. Thanks to all for checking out the blog.

The Real…Henry Mancini-The Ultimate Collection 3 CD’S

CD 1 Playtime: 54:03 Tracklist: 01. Peter Gunn (2:09) 02. Moon River (2:42) 03. Mr. Yunioshi (2:32) 04. Baby Elephant Walk (2:45) 05. Happy Barefoot Boy (2:51) 06. Breakfast At Tiffany’s (2:47) 07. Misty (3:17) 08. Frish Frosh (2:54) 09. … Continue reading

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Forbidden Jungle (1950)

Hands down this is one of the absolute worst movies ever made. No debate. It contains the usual stock footage of animals. When they couldn’t think of any more inane dialogue for the so-called actors to stumble through we’re treated … Continue reading

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Oh! Mr.Porter! (1937)

Will Hay is never off screen in this classic comedy about a station master of a train station in rural Northern Ireland. He’s a lesson in comic acting. William Porter (Will Hay) works for the railroad. There isn’t a job … Continue reading

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Sorry! (1981-88)

Ronnie Corbett of “The Two Ronnies” fame plays Timothy Lumsden a forty-one year old librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and Sydney his henpecked father. He’d like to be able to leave home and get … Continue reading

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All Over Town (1937)

The manic team of Olsen and Johnson and murder in the theater. The movie is loaded with their unique brand of mayhem. Olsen and Johnson hit town to get away from creditors. They have a trained seal named Sally who … Continue reading

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Paradise Express (1937)

Dorothy Appleby is a charmer but Harry Davenport is just about impossible to take as a fist pounding, yelling irascible old man in the story of a crooked trucking firm about to put a small railroad out of business. Jed … Continue reading

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The Real…Benny Goodman-The Ultimate Benny Goodman Collection 3 CD’s

CD 1 01. Six Flats Unfurnished [03:17] 02. Lets Dance [02:35] 03. Flying Home [03:17] 04. Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special) [02:55] 05. A Smooooth One [03:19] 06. Scarecrow [03:04] 07. Clarinet A La King [02:54] 08. Jersey … Continue reading

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