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The Last Warning (1929)

Good silent film about a theatre that may be haunted by a murdered actors’ ghost. If you’re not into silents you still may like this one. Actor John Woodford stars in “The Snare” in a theatre named after him. In … Continue reading

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Gallery Of Horrors (1964)

With a budget of thirty-nine cents a group of alleged actors fumble their way through a script that must have been written in crayon. John Carradine does a pro job of introducing the five segments. He’s even in the first … Continue reading

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Premature Burial (1962)

One of Roger Corman’s best Poe movies. This one stars Ray Milland and the screenplay is by Charles Beaumont and Ray Russell. Horror fans shouldn’t miss this one. Guy Carrell (Ray Milland)  believes catalepsy runs in the family and he … Continue reading

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Strait-Jacket (1964)

I expected a whole lot more considering the talent involved. Joan Crawford puts down her wire hangar and picks up an ax in this William Castle production. The screenplay is by Robert Bloch whose sardonic wit does surface here and … Continue reading

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Space Master X-7 (1958)

Not the incompetent laughfest I was expecting. That’s not to say the special effects aren’t a total joke and some of the “acting” is questionable, this belongs in the “Not All That Bad” category. As a Three Stooges fan it … Continue reading

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Bloody Pit Of Horror (1965)

Think of the worst movie you’ve ever seen. Then ask yourself if there could possibly be anything worse. The answer…’s right here. Mickey Hargitay is very lucky his voice was dubbed so he didn’t have to say any of the … Continue reading

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Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966)

No one is more surprised than me that I actually liked this. It’s not nearly as bad as the title suggests. John Lupton plays it straight as Jesse. Narda Onyx is campy as Maria Frankenstein. One of my favorites actors, … Continue reading

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