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One Million B.C. (1940)

A perfect cure for insomnia. What happens? Nothing. It was nominated for the Best Special Effects Oscar. The winner was “The Thief Of Bagdad.” It was also nominated for Best Original Score. The winner was “Pinocchio.” The movie was remade … Continue reading

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The Lost Atlantis (The Mistress Of Atlantis) (1932)

Weird German movie that isn’t like any other film with Atlantis in the title. No scientists, nukes, monsters or even a fish. It’s disjointed and moves slowly but if you like strange check it out. Captain Saint-Avit of the French … Continue reading

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The Champions (1968-69)

Lame SF series that’s easy to see why it only lasted one season. Nemesis is an intelligence agency based in Geneva. The boss is Tremayne (Anthony Nicholls). He disappeared after twenty episodes. The agents are Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon), Sharon … Continue reading

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Target Earth (1954)

One of the absolute worst of the 50’s SF movies. The boredom factor is way over the top. The script is so bad it’s hard to believe the actors didn’t fall asleep or at least refuse to show up when … Continue reading

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Assignment:Outer Space (1960)

Agonizingly slow Italian SF movie about a reporter on a space ship who could get a scoop about the end of the world. Of course if he did, who would be left to read it? Newspaper reporter Ray Peterson get … Continue reading

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The Motorola TV Hour (1953-54)..May 18,1954 Episode: “Atomic Attack”

Short lived dramatic anthology series. This episode proves that the so-called Golden Age of TV had its tarnish. This is just awful from start to finish. The acting is over the top, especially by Patricia Bruder as fourteen year old … Continue reading

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The Lost Worlds Of 2001-Arthur C.Clarke (1972)

Clarke has put together rejected scenarios for “2001:A Space Odyssey.” There are numerous pages that show a daily log between Clark and Stanley Kubrick. There’s nothing revealing about budget fights, long delays etc. Those things are mentioned but there aren’t … Continue reading

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